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Meditech 5.64.21 Remote Access Training September 2011 Page 1.

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1 Meditech 5.64.21 Remote Access Training September 2011 Page 1

2 ► This is training module is designed for physicians and their physician office staff. ► It has all the basic tools to:  apply for remote access  understand the requirements for PC preparation  understand the use of remote token to gain quick remote access to the MHS Meditech clinical and billing patient information needed in your physician practice. ► Other Information covered: October 20062 INFORMATION COVERED ► Application process ► Basic hardware information ► Remote access to Meditech ► Download Citrix program ► Remote entry to Meditech ► Change password ► Meditech sign on ► Desk top view and helpful tips ► View patient information ► View Reports ► Face Sheet for Billing information ► Contact information Page 2

3 PHYSICIAN PORTAL ACCESS ► Access MHS web site by using your Internet browser with URL: ► This site has system requirements, and good preparatory tips October 20063 Click On Physician Portal Page 3

4 PHYSICIAN PORTAL - MEDITECH SELECTION October 20064 ► Select Meditech ► Can also select: ► Web PACS ► MHS email ► Library services ► Medical Staff portal Page 4

5 MEDITECH INFORMATION PAGE ► Meditech page view  Step by step for remote access instructions ► Requirements  This has all you need to know and prepare your PCs for remote access ► Tips and troubleshooting  Good housekeeping ideas to help problem solve remote access October 20065 Page 5

6 REQUIREMENTS FOR REMOTE ACCESS TO MEDITECH REQUIREMENTS FOR REMOTE ACCESS TO MEDITECH Hardware Recommendations: ► PC processor 700MHs ► Memory 128 + RAM ► Cable modem or DSL ► Monitor 1024x768 resolution ► HP Printer Software: ► Windows XP professional ► Internet Explorer 5.x + ► Office 2000 + ► Antivirus/Spyware October 20066 Page 6

7 TIPS AND TROUBLESHOOTING ► This page is an absolute must read before starting remote access process in office or home. ► Preparing PC prior to install Citrix program is critical for success. ► This is especially true in removing internet temporary files and spyware files that interfere with success downloading of Citrix. October 20067 Page 7

8 RSA SECURE ID TOKEN ► The MHS IS department will send token(s) with username and password after receipt and completion of application forms. ► The RSA Secure ID token has a battery life of four years. The code changes every minute. ► Contact MHS help desk for replacement if token is lost. ► Physicians and their office personnel will be given unique six digit passwords to use with their token’s six digit rotating number October 20068 Page 8

9 CITRIX LOGON ► After all preparations completed on your PC ► You will need your office token username and password obtained from IS dept ► Then go to the above site in your browser October 20069 Page 9

10 CITRIX SECURITY PROMPT ► Type in your given MHS user name with first letter capitalized eg: Smla123456 ► Then in password box first enter your password given by IS plus the RSA access token number. ( total entry = 12digits) ( total entry = 12digits) ► Be careful !!! ► 5 incorrect entries and token will need to be reset by MHS help desk 214-947-1999 –All facilities should use this contact for tokens October 200610 Page 10

11 INSTALLING CITRIX PROGRAM ► For each PC, you will need to do a one time download of “MHS Application Portal Client “ ► This allows your PC to remotely access Meditech and print needed reports ► Select Yes to download program when prompted ► You must then restart your browser session ► This will fully install the Citrix program into your PC for allowing remote access to Meditech October 200611 Page 11

12 ENTRY PROCESS AFTER CITRIX LOAD ► After you have downloaded Citrix client and re-initialized your browser session ► Go again to ► Again enter your user name and remote token log in as previously described. ► You will brought back to the MHS Application Portal October 200612 ► Now select “Anonymous” (this is for office use) ► Physicians with internet access privileges may need to use “Explicit” and use their MHS internet user name and password. ► Select login at bottom ► Review instructions given by IS with your token on what to use. Page 12

13 MEDITECH ICON ► Click on Meditech icon ► Seeing this on your screen means your PC has successfully loaded the Citrix client, and should be able to get into Meditech remotely October 200613 ► Grant access to allow Meditech to run 1 2 3 4 Page 13

14 SUMMARY ► You should be able to apply and complete your remote Meditech access in your office or home PC ► This document is one of four:  Remote Access (this document)  Meditech Training  Physician Consult Ordering  Electronic Signature October 200614 Page 14

15 CONTACT INFORMATION ► If you are having problems with your access, please contact 214- 947-1999 the MHS helpdesk or ► MHS does not have a team to come to your office to repair PCs. October 200615

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