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Variations in Distribution of Religions (2)

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1 Variations in Distribution of Religions (2)
Holy places Holy places in universalizing religions Holy places in ethnic religions The calendar The calendar in ethnic religions The calendar in universalizing religions

2 Holy Sites in Buddhism Most holy sites in Buddhism are locations of important events in Buddha’s life and are clustered in northeastern India and southern Nepal.

3 Mecca, Islam’s Holiest City
Makkah (Mecca) is the holiest city in Islam and is the site of pilgrimage for millions of Muslims each year. There are numerous holy sites in the city. Medina & Jerusalem are also important holy cities.

4 Hindu Holy Places Hierarchy of Hindu holy places: Some sites are holy to Hindus throughout India; others have a regional or sectarian importance, or are important only locally.

5 Calendar In universalizing religions, holidays relate to events in the life of the founder rather than the changing seasons of one place. Christianity- Catholics & Protestants observe the Gregorian Calendar while Orthodox Christians observe the Julian Calendar, which makes Easter on a different day. Islam- Lunar Calendar, so holidays arrive in different seasons across different generations. Buddhism- Birth, Enlightenment, and Death are celebrated. Baha ‘I Sikhism- celebrate the birth and death of the 10 Gurus.

6 Calendar An ethnic religion typically has a more clustered distribution than a universalizing one b/c its holidays are based on the distinctive geography of the homeland. Religious celebrations are seasonal and based on agriculture, typically. Animism- Winter & Summer Solstice are celebrated. Confucianism Daoism Shinto Hinduism Judaism- Lunar Calendar Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) come in the fall planting season of Israel.

7 Organization of Space Places of worship Sacred space
Christian worship Places of worship in other religions Sacred space Disposing of the dead Religious settlements Religious place names Administration of space Hierarchical religions Locally autonomous religions

8 Place Names in Québec Fig. 6-12: Place names in Québec show the impact of religion on the landscape. Many cities and towns are named after saints.

9 Places of Worship Christianity- Churches or Basilicas ARE Sanctified.
Islam- Mosques are NOT sanctified and are for the community. Buddhism- Pagodas house relics for pilgrimmages and observance. Baha ‘I- 7 Houses of Worship exist for services. Sikhism- Golden Temple is a holy place.

10 Places of Worship Animism- informal and local
Confucianism- temples for ancestor worship Daoism- no temples, become one with nature Shinto- pagodas jot the landscape Hinduism- temples are local, house dieties, and are NOT for service. Mt. Kailas is where Siva lives. Judaism-

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