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Lifelong Learning Personal Development Planning (PDP)

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1 Lifelong Learning Personal Development Planning (PDP)


3 What is involved? 1. Reflecting on you progress and achievements to date (maintain a record) 2. Set goals (and plans) for further achievement (make use of action plans where appropriate) 3. Take action to achieve your goals Note – this process can also help you to plan and manage large projects and written assignments.

4 What might type of personal records might I keep? Achievements that contribute to the development of your CV Record of assignment and module results to date A Learning log to capture key feedback advice that you have been receiving during year 1

5 I AM BUSY, WHAT WILL I GET OUT OF THIS PROCESS? PDP helps you to focus more clearly your learning The goals you set for yourself can act as both motivational and time management tools It increases your awareness of feedback you are receiving (peer, written, oral, online/email) and encourages you to make effective use of this. Encourages you to consider longer term goals – e.g. In professional life (CPD).

6 How will I be supported in doing this? Queen’s has online recording tools and supports to help you do this (you will find a PDP E-folio set up for you in Queen’s Online) Your Personal Tutor – will meet with you on 2 formal occasions (Being piloted with Queen’s part-time Degree students only in 09/10)

7 What happens at the 2 meetings with the Personal Tutor (PT Degree Pilot)? Start of Year Meeting – Personal Tutor will meet you to help you decide on 2 or 3 general academic goals to address during the year. End of Year Meeting – Personal Tutor supports you in review your progress in achieving the initial goals and one or two additional goals you set in light of feedback you received during the year. (Review and next steps) Beyond Year 1 – no formal meetings but you are expected to continue the process independently.

8 Using your e-folio in 3 Clicks Click1 Open your PDP E-folio in QOL

9 Click 2 Click on the “My School” page

10 Click 3 Note the email link to your Personal Tutor


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