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The Nativity By Anna.

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1 The Nativity By Anna

2 And my name is Mary Hello my name is Joseph This is the story of how Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph are in Nazareth.

3 Joseph im going to have a baby boy
I am an angel and I have come to tell you that you are going to have a baby boy and you will call him Jesus, he will be the son of God. Joseph im going to have a baby boy I know I can’t believe it An angel came and told then that they will soon have a baby boy and that they will call him Jesus and that he will be the son of God.

4 I only have a space in my barn you are welcome to stay there.
My wife is having a baby and there is no where to stay, have you got a spare room for us? Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem on a donkey for somewhere to stay, and asked some Inn Keepers if they had any room where Mary could have a baby, most of them were no’s but one of the Inn Keepers had some room in his barn and they were welcome to stay there so Mary and Joseph went ahead with it.

5 He's Beautiful Mary had baby Joseph and put him in a manger, full of hay, she w

6 I bring you good news Jesus the son of god has been born you will find him laying in a manger
An Angel came and told the shepherds that Jesus has been born and that they will find him lay in a manger wrapped up in swaddling cloths. So the Shepherds went and found Jesus.

7 We have followed the brightest star and have bought gifts.
Mary and Joseph were joined by the three wise men, three shepherds the Son of god had finally been born.

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