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Smart Wildcats know how to Study

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1 Smart Wildcats know how to Study
TAA Lesson 10/29/2014

2 Study Habits Developing effective study skills in middle school is a wise mode of preparation for high school and for the real world. As you move on through life, the study skills you've developed in middle school will be useful to you. Using these techniques, you can commit to memory important information that might someday impress your boss. Use the time you have now, in middle school, to earn yourself good grades and to develop useful learning skills for the future.

3 Objective In this lesson, students will describe a plan of action for increasing basic educational skills.

4 Think about this! After receiving your progress report, which grades need to improve? What are you planning on doing to improve the grade? How are you studying at home?


6 Tip 1: Write down every Assignment
Where should you write down your assignments? Do you have a place for each academic class where you are able to write your homework assignments? Do you have a place to make additional notes about assignments- in case you can’t remember how to do something when you get home? Try writing your homework assignments and due dates as soon as your teacher makes them available so you don’t forget something important.

7 Tip 2: Establish a study zone
Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. After all, if you can't concentrate, you certainly can't expect to learn very well. This does not necessarily mean that you have to find a place that's completely silent and set it up as your study area, but it does mean you should find a place to study that fits your specific personality and learning style.

8 Tip 3: Get organized Have all your supplies ready. Have your books, papers, pencil, and anything else you need to study. Read the instructions. Part of being organized is knowing what to do. Do the assignment as soon as it is given. Do NOT wait until the last minute!

9 Tip 4: Studying for Tests
Some tests require you to memorize facts. Note cards can be a great help with this kind of studying. You can also have a friend or parent quiz you on the material. Some tests are multiple choice, which means you have to choose the best answer. Reading the material that you are to be tested over will help you get the answer correct. Eliminating wrong answers can also help you arrive at the correct answer. Some tests require you to write an answer. Knowing the material you will be tested over will help you answer this type of question. Make sure you read the material and understand what you read. Ask for help if you need it.

10 Other Ways to improve my study habits
Study your notes every day Take study breaks (about 5 minutes every half hour) Stay organized Quiz yourself (use notecards or ask a parent)

11 Stop Everything And Write
Think about your current study habits and then write a letter to your future self about how your middle school study habits helped or hurt you. Make sure you explain to your future self in detail.

12 Dear ______, When you were in middle school, you should have……
Dear ______, When you were in middle school, you should have…….. Because………

13 IF you learn to study correctly, you will make better grades and your parents will say…

14 “YEE-Haw” !

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