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Team Leader- Hydrology

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1 Team Leader- Hydrology
Downscaling of marine forecast products for the SW Indian Ocean countries S.H.M. Fakhruddin Team Leader- Hydrology Science and Technology Workshop at JCOMM-4, Yeosu 24-25 May 2012

2 Discussion Topics About RIMES User Need Assessment Marine Forecasts
An Integrated System

3 RIMES Member States

4 Purpose and objectives
Purpose: Provide early warning services for enhanced preparedness, response, and mitigation of natural hazards, according to differing needs and demands of its Member States Objectives: Facilitate establishment and maintenance of core regional observation and monitoring networks and ensure data availability for early warning Provide regional tsunami watch within the framework of UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Support National Meteorological and Hydrological services for providing localized hydro-meteorological risk information within the framework of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Enhance warning response capacities at all levels (national to community) within each national early warning framework

5 Governance Council Heads of NMHSs/ national scientific and technical agencies generating multi- hazard early warning information, empowered to make policy decisions, on behalf of governments, concerning regional early warning arrangements for enhanced preparedness for, response to, and mitigation of natural hazards Chair: Government of India Secretariat Carries out the decisions and tasks assigned by the Council, and provides support to the Program Unit in managing the regional early warning center Government of Maldives (Presidential Task Force led by the H.E. Vice President of Maldives) serves as Administrative Secretariat; Government of Mongolia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as Program Secretariat Program Unit Responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the regional early warning center and the implementation of programs and activities Co-located with the RIMES regional early warning Center

6 Organizational Chart Chief Scientist Tsunami Early Warning
Warning Coordination Scientist Seismologist Oceanographer Telecommunications Specialist System Analysts (2) Decision-support Tool Development Specialist Seconded Scientists (6) Team Leader Early Warning Tsunami Hazard and Risk Assessment Expert Climate Risk Management Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment Expert Project Teams Climate Impact Assessment Team GIS and Survey Specialist Secretariat Council Director, Program Unit Program Management Tsunami Watch Provision Support to Hydro-Met Services Societal Applications Capacity Building Specialist Chief Finance Officer Human Resource and Administration Officer ICKM Specialist Climate Forecast Application Team Climate Change Seasonal Forecasting Severe Weather Synoptician Hydrologist System Analyst Seconded Scientists (2)

7 Indian Ocean Forecast System
Oceanographic parameter forecasts are generated by a suite of state-of-the art numerical models, which are customized to simulate and predict the Indian Ocean features. Important models: Wave Watch III, Mike, WAM, and Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). (NCMRWF, ECMWF, and NCEP), etc

8 Forecasts Parameter Wave and swell (height, direction, and period)
Sea surface current Sea surface temperature Mixed Layer Depth Depth of the 20 degree isotherm (as a measure of thermocline) Wind speed Tide prediction

9 Spatial and temporal services
Location-specific forecast (3 days - 3 hourly interval) Coastal forecast (7 days - 3 hourly interval) Regional forecast (7 days - 3 hourly interval) Indian Ocean forecast (5 days - 6 hourly interval) Global forecast (5 days - 6 hourly interval)

10 User Needs Southwest Indian Ocean countries have identified the need for user-relevant marine forecast information to meet the continued and expanding requirements of the maritime user community to ensure safety of life and property at sea support integrated coastal management, and reduce societal impacts of marine-associated hazards

11 Comoros

12 Maldives

13 Mozambique

14 System Development developing the system to support the regional and national marine forecast information to the SW Indian Ocean countries by down-scaling the INCOIS marine forecast products Develop web-base interface for disseminate the operational marine forecast products in customized form

15 Downscaling Regional Products
nesting grid concept with the coarse resolution in the open ocean and finer resolution to the target areas can be applied. The system outputs are included wave height and direction, sea surface current, sea surface temperature, mixed layer depth and depth of 20 degree isotherm. These regional forecast products can be utilized for dynamic downscaling to practical scale of the SW Indian Ocean countries.

16 Graphical grid presenting the forecast parameters e. g
Graphical grid presenting the forecast parameters e.g. wave and swell, wind, sea surface temperature Marine forecast charts to present the downscaling wave and swell forecast for Island level (Credit:

17 Time series plot of the forecast parameters
Wave and swell at offshore forecasted points (Credit: Web-base interactive interface for presenting marine forecast products in the regional and national scale (Credit:

18 Advisory statement for the specific areas advised by countries

19 Downloadable reports on marine forecast summary and email sending system

20 Thank you

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