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© Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 8 Poetry Unseen Poems.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 8 Poetry Unseen Poems

2 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 2 of 8 This presentation is designed for use with GCSE English Literature students. It has been developed for use with the 2010 GCSE exam specifications and links to: Free resources for English 2010 AQA English Literature – Unit 2: Poetry Across Time; Unit 5: Exploring Poetry OCR English Literature – Unit A661: Literary Heritage Poetry Edexcel English Literature – Unit 2: Understanding Poetry (Poetry Anthology, Clashes and Collisions) Functional Skills English Level 2 – Reading: ‘Compare, select, read and understand texts and use them to gather information, ideas, arguments and opinions.’

3 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 3 of 8 Teacher’s notesFlash activity (these activities are not editable) Extension activities Icons key: Web addressesSound Video Functional skills Accompanying worksheet Respond critically and imaginatively to Wilfred Owen’s poem ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ Recap key terms for analysing poetry Explain how the language and tone of a poem can be used to convey meaning Learning objectives

4 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 4 of 8 Analysing poetry To be able to analyse a poem you need to make sure you can use the right terminology. How many of the following terms can you define? subject tone narrative simile alliteration iambic pentameter rhythm dialect metaphor repetition onomatopoeia imagery assonance sonnet dramatic monologue stanza rhyme scheme

5 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 5 of 8 Key poetry terms

6 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 6 of 8 Subject and theme

7 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 7 of 8 Attitudes and feelings

8 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 8 of 8 Unseen poem: sample question Here are two sample essay questions for you to try as practice: 1.Explain the effect of Owen’s choice of language in his poem ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’. 2.Explore how Owen has expressed his feelings about the loss of life in the war in his poem ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’.

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