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Creating Significant Learning Experiences L. Dee Fink.

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1 Creating Significant Learning Experiences L. Dee Fink

2 Significant Learning 1. Foundational Knowledge Basic understanding Necessary for other kinds of learning 2. Application Knowledge and how it’s applied Skills 3. Integration Making connections (other courses, work, life) Power: the whole  more than the sum of the parts (It’s more than just the course material.)

3 Significant Learning 4. Human Dimension Human significance of topic Learning about self, others 5. Caring Caring engenders energy for learning Nothing significant happens without caring 6. Learning How to Learn Learning more effectively Life-long learning (It’s more than just the course material.)

4 Creating Significant Learning Experiences Learning Goals Feedback and Assessment Teaching and Learning Activities (How?)

5 Learning Goals Backward Design What’s important now & years after the course? What should students do in the course to succeed? Example (CS 705) Learning Outcomes Activities support learning outcomes Class activities Out-of-class activities (Suggestions for improvement) (In terms of significant learning outcomes.)

6 Feedback and Assessment Forward looking assessment Imagine students in a situation where they would use knowledge K, could they? Focus learning on realistic meaningful tasks. Ask: “What am I preparing students to do?” Good assessment needs a rubric. Criteria and standards Communicated and used consistently

7 Feedback and Assessment Opportunities to engage in self assessment Can they define their own rubric for quality work? Can they use their rubric on their own and other students’ work? Reflection: on the subject matter, on the learning process

8 Teaching and Learning Activities Doing Experience Direct: Real doing, in authentic settings Indirect: case studies, simulations, … Observing Experience Direct: seeing the phenomena to be observed Indirect: stories, film, …

9 Teaching and Learning Activities Getting Information and Ideas (To be most effective, students must want to get …) Sources Direct: original information & data Indirect: lectures & textbooks Reflecting Classroom discussion Term papers In-depth reflective dialogue and writing on the learning process

10 Good courses are courses that … Challenge students to significant kinds of learning. Use active forms of learning. Have teachers who care  about the subject, their students, and about teaching and learning. Have teachers who interact well with students. Have a good system of feedback, assessment, and grading. -- L.D. Fink

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