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Nicole Getman Buffalo Public School #3 March 1, 2011 1.

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1 Nicole Getman Buffalo Public School #3 March 1, 2011 1

2 What are some ideas for partner or small group activities that could be used for extensions & differentiation? 2

3 Urban School District 1 st Grade Classroom 25 students (12 boys, 13 girls) 7 students receive ESL services 4 students have an IEP 7 students are in need of academic intervention services (AIS) for math 8 students are in need of AIS for reading 3

4 Implementation: Three 45 minute periods Planning: 2 hours (becoming familiar with the strategy & preparing for the lessons) Assessment: 3-5 minutes per student Schedule: Taught during the 1 st semester so students can practice using this strategy throughout the year 4

5 Numbers sentences can be represented in multiple ways What are different representations(drawings, equations, numbers, etc.) of the same number sentence? 5

6 What is the problem asking us to do? How can we represent the problem with an equation? What is another way we could represent this equation with pictures? What is a strategy you could use to solve the equation? 6

7 1 st Grade Representation Process Strand 1.R.1: Use multiple representations including verbal and written language, acting out or modeling a situation, drawings, and/or symbols as representations 7

8 Students will be able to… Solve a word problem using the Singapore Math Strategy Represent information in a word problem using pictures, symbols, and words 8

9 A tool for solving word problems 4 Components: Pictorial Representation Labeling Symbolic Representation Written Representation 9

10 Pictorial Representation Labeling Symbolic Representation Symbolic Representation Written Representation 10

11 Diagnostic: Students solve a word problem with a strategy of their choice Teacher creates a list of strategies used by the students Formative: Students verbally explain how to use the Singapore Math Strategy to solve a word problem 11

12 Summative: Students independently solve a word problem Students complete a self-evaluation checklist Teacher scores the students’ work with a 4-point rubric 12

13 13

14 14

15 Rubric Score of 19-20 15

16 Rubric Score of 17-18 16

17 Rubric Score of 0-16 17

18 ModificationRationaleBenefits Grid Paper Assists students with organizing their work Students draw appropriate sized bars to represent the numbers Manipulatives (ex: cubes) Tactile tool Provides another visual representation Subtraction Word Problem Students connect this strategy from addition to subtraction This strategy can be used to solve a variety of word problems 18

19 Thank you to my group members who peer reviewed my LE during its preliminary stages! 19

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