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Kathy Reilly Teresa Hernandez Gertrude Lauredan Microsoft Windows November 10, 2010.

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1 Kathy Reilly Teresa Hernandez Gertrude Lauredan Microsoft Windows November 10, 2010

2 The Evolution of Windows  Microsoft began to develop the Windows graphical user interface program in 1983. The goal was to provide a more user- friendly program that worked within the MS-DOS operating system on IBM PCs.  Over the course of time, a number of further developments came with each successive generation. By the early 21st century, Microsoft Windows became the most popular operating system in the world.

3 The Evolution of Windows  Windows is now the operating system used on nearly 95 percent of all the desktops and notebooks sold worldwide and helps people achieve their maximum potential at work, home, and just about any place in between.

4 Microsoft Windows Family of Products Reference - Reference -

5 Windows Product Line  Over the past two decades, Microsoft Windows’ product line has evolved from a single, one-size-fits-all desktop operating system into a diverse family of operating systems and mobile technologies. What follows is a brief summary of its’ products (starting with the most recent technologies).

6 Windows Product Line  Windows 7 is the newest version of Windows. Windows 7 was designed to simplify everyday tasks, allowing people to work the way they want, and to make new things possible.  Windows Live allows you to keep in touch from your PC, phone, or the web. Send rich e-mail, IM or video chat, and share social updates.

7 Windows Product Line  Windows Live Essentials allows you to do even more with your photos, videos, and email. It’s free and includes Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker  Windows Phone powered handheld devices enable you to send and receive e-mail, browse the Internet, and work on mobile versions of Microsoft Office software. – Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Apps Include Twitter, Netflix, OpenTable

8 Windows Product Line  Windows Vista, the prior version of Windows, helps you use your PC for work and play while protecting what matters.  Windows XP, an earlier version of Windows, gives you the freedom to do what you want at home and at work— simply, reliably, and securely.

9 Windows Product Line  Internet Explorer 8 helps you reach beyond the page by making browsing experiences faster, easier, and safer than ever.  Windows Media Center turns your PC into a powerful TV, bringing your shows and entertainment to one place. Enjoy broadcast and Internet TV right on your PC. Whenever and wherever you want.

10 Windows Server 2008  Windows Server 2008 is the most productive infrastructure platform for powering connected applications, networks, and Web services from the workgroup to the data center.  Windows Media Player 11 offers great ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures, and recorded TV.

11 Windows Product Line  Windows Embedded delivers tools and technology to help you build reliable, powerful, and intelligent embedded devices for your customers.  The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance extends the value of Windows Vista Enterprise by reducing application deployment costs, enabling delivery of applications as services, and allowing for better enterprise desktop management.

12 Windows Product Line  The power of multimedia in Windows, DirectX gives you a great experience with graphics, sound, music, and 3-D animation.  The Games for Windows platform offers publishers and gamers the most enjoyable and innovative gaming experiences available on a PC.

13 Windows Product Line  Windows Virtual PC allows you to run multiple Windows environments–such as Windows XP Mode–from your Windows 7 desktop. – Windows Virtual PC with Windows XP Mode also gives you the ability to run many older Windows XP productivity applications seamlessly.

14 Windows Product Line  Windows Defender is a free program that helps protect your computer against pop- ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software.  Windows Desktop Search enables information workers to quickly find and retrieve e-mail, documents, and files on a PC and corporate network.

15 Windows Product Line  Windows Embedded delivers tools and technology to help you build reliable, powerful, and intelligent embedded devices for your customers.  Windows Home Server helps families centralize and connect their digital "stuff," making it easy to securely share and access important files, photos, videos, and music.

16 Windows Product Line  Microsoft Windows Automotive 5.0 is an open software platform providing original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and developers with the building blocks they need to create a broad range of solutions.  Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 provides a cost-effective solution for educational institutions, enabling more students and teachers to access technology by sharing a single computer. It is ideal for use in classrooms, labs and libraries.

17 History of Microsoft Windows References References and

18 History of Windows–1980’s  1983 - Bill Gates announces Microsoft Windows in November  1985 - Microsoft Windows 1.0 is introduced in November and initially sold for $100.00  1987 - Windows 2.0 was released in December and initially sold for $100.00  1987 - Windows/386 or Windows 386 is introduced in December and is initially sold for $100.00  1988 - Windows/286 or Windows 286 is introduced in June and initially sold for $100.00

19 History of Windows – 1990’s  1990 - Windows 3.0 was released in May and was priced at $149.95  1991 - Microsoft changes the name of OS/2 to Windows NT  1991 - Windows 3.0 with multimedia was released in October  1992 - Windows 3.1 was released in April and sells more than 1M copies within the first two months  1993 - Windows 3.11, an update to Windows 3.1 is released in December

20 History of Windows – 1990’s  1994 - Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was released in February  1994 - Windows NT 3.5 was released in Sept.  1995 - Windows NT 3.51 was released in May  1995 - Windows 95 was released in August and sells more than 1M copies within 4 days  1996 - Windows NT 4.0 was released in July  1996 - Windows CE 1.0 was released in Nov.  1997 - Windows CE 2.0 was released in Nov.

21 History of Windows – 1990’s  1998 - Windows 98 was in released June  1998 - Windows CE 2.1 was released in July  1998 - In October Microsoft announced that Windows NT would no longer be called NT - the next edition would be Windows 2000  1999 - Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) was released in May  1999 - Windows CE 3.0 was released 1999

22 History of Windows – 2000-03  2000 - On January 4 th Bill Gates announces the new version of Windows CE as Pocket PC  2000 - Windows 2000 was released in February  2000 - Windows ME (Millennium) released June  2001 - Windows XP is released in October 2001  2001 - Windows XP 64-Bit Edition (Version 2002) for Itanium systems is released in March  2003 - Windows Server 2003 is released in March  2003 - Windows XP 64-Bit Edition (Version 2003) for Itanium 2 systems is released in March

23 History of Windows – 2003-09  2003 - Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003 is released in December  2004 - Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is released in October  2005 - Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is released in April  2005 - Microsoft announces it's next operating system, codenamed "Longhorn" will be named Windows Vista in July  2006 - Microsoft releases Windows Vista to corporations in November  2007 - Microsoft releases Windows Vista and Office 2007 to the general public in January  2009 - Windows 7 released in October

24 What The Future Holds for Windows  Over the past quarter century, Windows has evolved many times, and it will change again in light of Microsoft’s investments in cloud services, mobile platforms, and other new technologies. And as the way people compute and communicate morphs faster than ever, the challenges ahead for Windows are huge.

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