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Chapter 13 Specialty Resorts

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1 Chapter 13 Specialty Resorts

2 Identify the changing trends in and demographic profiles of the market for specialty resorts.
Nature Based Environmental Activities The goal is to learn about the interdependence of living organisms or to learn how to behave in the environment Growth in this area has meant that programs are taking on increasingly complex issues; covering economic as well as technological aspects and their impact Americans are rediscovering nature

3 Changing Trends (cont.)
Trails Trails can be classified as: primitive, minor, major, walks, or special purpose trails Three elements are important in the development of a trail: Function of the trail Relation of the trail to others in the area Relation of the trail to other facilities

4 Changing Trends (cont.)
Ecotourism An enthusiastic form of nature-based tourism Ecotourism areas should: Minimize negative effects on the local and natural environment Contribute to the management of protected areas Produce economic and social benefits Promote genuine interaction between hosts and guests Should supplement and complement traditional activities of the area

5 Changing Trends (cont.)
Ecolodge A specialized form of resort lodge Defined as a “nature-based tourist lodge that meets the philosophy and principles of ecotourism”

6 Demographic Profiles General Enthusiasts
Usually men with some college education and no children under 12 years old Most likely to take adventure trips and want to arrange his own trip traveling to non-American destinations

7 Demographic Profiles Budget Youngsters Soft Moderates
Young and single with a fairly low income Prefers to travel with friends around America Soft Moderates Highly educated, middle-aged women with low incomes Unlikely to have children under the age of 12 Prefers soft adventure Desires familiarity, not risk-taking

8 Demographic Profiles Upper High Naturalists
Members are mostly middle-aged, married and earn high wages Prefer both soft and rugged adventures Likes to travel with family and friends Seeks novelty trips and exotic destinations

9 Demographic Profiles Family Vacationers
Married males in this category are not usually very excited about their vacations Family vacationers have generally completed some college and have two incomes in the household to support their children, at least one of which is under age 12 This group likes to have some help in planning their vacations

10 Demographic Profiles Active Soloists
Composed mostly of well-educated middle-income-earners without children under 12 Prefers high-risk, high-adventure activities Prefer to travel alone or in an organized group This group seems to rely on tourist infrastructure the most when making travel arrangements

11 Compare and contrast traditional lodges and ecolodges.
Traditional lodge description: Luxury Generic style Relaxation focus Facility-based activities Enclave development Group/consortium ownership common Ecolodge description: Comfortable basic needs Unique character style Activity/educational focus Nature/recreation based activities Development integrated with local environment Individual ownership common

12 Traditional Lodge Description (cont.)
Profit maximization based on high guest capacity, services and prices High investment Key attractions are facility and surroundings Ecolodge Description: Profit maximization based on strategic design, location, low capacity, services and prices Moderate/low investment Key attractions are surroundings and facility

13 Ecolodge description Ecolodge Description:
Good/hearty meals and service, cultural influence Marketed independently Guides and interpreters focus of operation Traditional Lodge Description: Gourmet meals, service and presentation Marketed within chain Guides and nature interpreters minor feature or nonexistent

14 The End!

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