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Charging system PT 1 LSy_w.

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1 Charging system PT 1 LSy_w

2 Charging System

3 Purpose Purpose of charging system to keep battery at a fully charged state. Provide power for all electrical loads Alternator is the component that generates electricity to charge the battery.


5 Principle The principle of electromagnetic induction to generate electrical energy from mechanical energy Electromagnetic induction involves the generation of an electrical current in a conductor when the conductor is moved through a magnetic field.

6 How do we increase electricity
Demonstration with alternator on how electricity is generated. How can we increase electricity

7 Increasing Current Increasing the speed of the conductor through the magnetic field. Increasing the number of conductors passing through the magnetic field Increasing the strength of the magnetic field.

8 AC and DC AC– Alternating current DC– Direct Current Alternator generates AC voltage. Automotive battery and vehicle system using DC voltage.

9 AC and DC So what changes the AC to DC voltage. The voltage Rectifier. Rectifiers are consisted with six diodes. Diodes are one way check valves that only allow current to flow one way.

10 AC to DC

11 What is the proper system voltage?
volts 27.4 – 28.4 volts

12 What controls the system voltage?
Voltage regulator

13 Voltage Regulator Controls the voltage output of the alternator.
The regulator receives system voltage as an input, in order to regulate alternator output voltage.

14 Voltage Regulator

15 End

16 5k&feature=related
Charging System PT2 5k&feature=related

17 What can cause the charging system to under-charge?
Loose fan belt Low engine RPM Excessive load requirements (add on accessories)

18 What can cause the charging system to under-charge?
Short driving trips Defective generator Defective voltage regulator Defective wiring

19 Rotor, creates spinning magnetic field

20 Stator, creates alternating current

21 Slip Rings, allow field current into the rotor

22 Brushes, allow field current into rotor



25 Voltage Trace for Three Stator Windings

26 Full Wave Rectification … ... three stator windings

27 Actual voltage trace of each stator winding after full wave rectification

28 voltage trace on oscilloscope
(diode pattern)

29 Rectifier (Diode pack)
Stator Rectifier (Diode pack)

30 How does the voltage regulator control the A/C generator?
The regulator will turn on/off current to the field windings (rotor) Increasing current to the rotor… …will increase generator output

31 1 V 14 V 80 o F


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