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African American Culture and Politics

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1 African American Culture and Politics

2 Terms-pages Jazz – American style of music that developed from ragtime and blues and that uses syncopated rhythms and improvisation Symbolize – to represent, express, or identify by a symbol Blues – style of music evolving from African American spirituals and noted for its melancholy sound Impact – a lasting impression upon an individual or group Ongoing – being in process; continuing

3 Progress Check - 225 What does the work of writers and performers of the Harlem Renaissance show about African American culture of the 1920’s? Their work shows that African Americans of the era were developing unique artistic styles that expressed their increasing freedom and racial pride.

4 Progress Check - 227 What differing steps did African Americans take to achieve political goals during the 1920’s? The NAACP lobbied public officials and worked in the court system. Marcus Garvey advocated a more extreme nationalism and even separatism. African American voters proved their power as a voting bloc in Northern cities.

5 Taking Notes – 224 Harlem Renaissance
Great urban migration Focus on art Pride Politics Causes of the HR Major authors emerge New musical forms develop Performers gain fame Political power grows Effects of the HR

6 Critical Thinking - 225 How did Harlem theaters like the cotton Club help promote African American performing arts? Harlem nightclubs gave African Americans venues in which to perform and gain audiences

7 Critical Thinking - 227 How did Marcus Garvey’s approach to political action differ from that of the NAACP? The NAACP focused on achieving rights within the system. Garvey called for separatism.

8 Geography Connection - 226
To what three Midwestern cities did many African Americans from the South migrate? St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit In which cities did the Greatest growth in the African American Population occur? Chicago, New York, Philadelphia

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