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Granger Elementary School Teacher/Parent/Student Agreement Commitment to Education Exemplary Students!

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1 Granger Elementary School Teacher/Parent/Student Agreement Commitment to Education Exemplary Students!

2 AS A TEACHER OF GRANGER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I AGREE TO… Provide high quality instruction in a way that will motivate and encourage all children. Attend and implement staff development regarding best teaching practices. Hold parent-teacher conferences at least twice per school year, and be accessible by phone, e-mail, and school planner for consultations regarding the child’s achievement. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s progress, including 3-week progress reports, 6-week report cards, and on-going assessment of daily work as reflected in the “Wrangler Organizational Notebook”. Provide parents with opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s education.

3 AS A PARENT OF GRANGER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I AGREE TO… Make sure my child is rested, on time, and prepared for school each day. Know how my child is doing in school by communicating with teachers by planner, phone, or e-mail. Monitor my child’s homework and make sure study time is in a quiet place. Limit TV viewing and read together daily with my child. Be an active participant in my child’s education.

4 AS A STUDENT OF GRANGER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I AGREE TO… Come to school rested and ready to learn with the necessary supplies. Make a total effort to do schoolwork and homework in a quality manner, and ask for help when I need it. Share papers, school planner, and WON binder with my parents, and return signed papers & notes to my teacher. Read on my own and with my family every day. Be respectful of myself and all members of Granger Elementary School.

5 Our Philosophy “They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” –Anonymous Help my students achieve the highest quality performance they can Warm and nurturing environment Student has ownership of their learning Students are engaged Differentiate instruction Teach at higher levels of thinking

6 Goals and Expectations Goals and expectations are aligned with the state learning standards for first grade. (TEKS TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory) –Given 3x a year –Will assess: Letter/sound recognition Blending sounds to make words Reading Fluency Reading Comprehension –DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) What level? Leveled Readers –Please return next day

7 W.O.N. Binder Wrangler Organizational Notebook –Planner- Daily message and behavior color –Newsletter/ Homework (Return and Receive on Fridays) –Reading Log and Book Bag

8 W.O.N. Binder Con’t. –Red Thursday Folder –Zipper Pouch- notes and money –Front Pocket is to Return Back Pocket is to Keep

9 Behavioral Expectations Treat others with respect Take care of yourself Take care of others Take care of your belongings Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red Starts on green each day.

10 Curriculum Thinking Maps Every Day Counts Envision and Investigations Critical Thinking Skills Johnny Can Spell Journal-Writers Workshop Science and Social Studies Units

11 Homework Read 10-15 minutes daily Practice sight words and phrases Read poem daily Phonogram practice Comprehensions activities Math practice activity

12 Communication Progress Reports Report Cards Parent/Teacher Conferences W.O.N. Binder Phone/Email

13 Reading Reading is a major part of our lives; therefore, your child’s education. It takes a partnership between us, as teachers and you as parents, to truly achieve success in the early stages of reading development.

14 Tips for Reading Don’t leave home without a book. Have your child bring along a book or magazine any time you’ll have to spend time waiting, such as a doctor’s visit. Once is not enough. Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems. With repeated readings, your child should be able to read more quickly and accurately. This increases fluency. Use the television. Set the television on closed captioning so your child can read about what is happening on the show.

15 Tips for Reading Timed reading. Time your child as he or she reads. The next time they read, they can try to beat their old time. Read in voices. Reading in character voices or silly voices may make reading time at home more enjoyable. Explore online reading. is a great resources for online books.

16 Tips for Reading Predict Look for important information. Look through the pictures. Think about what you already know. Think about what you will learn. Think about what will happen next.

17 Tips for Reading Monitor Ask questions… “Does this make sense?” “Does it look right?” Try “fix ups”… reread, read ahead, use a dictionary, or ask for help.

18 Tips for Reading Summarize Retell the story. Think about the story parts (characters, setting, beginning, middle, & end). Think about the main idea and details.

19 Tips for Reading Evaluate How do you feel about what was read? Do you agree or disagree? Does it remind you of a time in your own life? Is there anything that you read that you still have a question about?

20 Reading Groups This year the first grade teachers are working together to meet the reading needs of each child. We will be combining students in different classes according to their reading level. Some of the students will remain in their class for reading instruction while others will move to a different class for that portion of the day.

21 Reading Strategies to get Tough on Tricky Words Look at the picture clues Think about what you know about the word Reread the sentence and get your mouth ready for the part you know Skip, read on and come back (context clues) Question yourself “What will make sense?”

22 Thanks for Coming You can now meet your child’s teacher in their classroom to sign up for conferences. For your child’s privacy please remember this is not the time for a conference about your child’s progress.

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