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Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy). Pharmacy Career Options Community Hospital Industry Research Academia Government.

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1 Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy)

2 Pharmacy Career Options Community Hospital Industry Research Academia Government

3 Pre-requisite Courses (1 year pre-pharmacy) Math 1000 and Math 1001 Chemistry 1050 and Chemistry 1051 (or equivalent) Physics 1020/1050 or Physics 1021/1051 Biology 1001 and Biology 1002 English 1080 and English 1101

4 The Pharmacy Program (4 years) Biochemistry (nutrition, metabolism) Pharmaceutics Physiology/ Anatomy/ Pathology Professional Practice Pharmacokinetics Pharmacology Toxicology Medicinal Chemistry/ Chemotherapy Pharmacy Skills Seminar Therapeutics

5 Structured Practice Experience – Program includes: SPE’s in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and in clinical practice One x 4-week rotation during the spring/summer after first, second and third year Two x 6-week rotations during the last semester in final year

6 Admissions Process Very competitive – nearly 300 applications for 40 seats School application and $75 fee due March 1. Invitation to interview sent in May to 96 applicants with top Academic Scores Interviews held first weekend in June Offers of admission made by end of June

7 Step 1: Getting to the Interview Academic Scores are ranked How to Calculate the Academic Score Academic Score = Average of Pre-requisite Courses + Cumulative Average divided by 2 Example: Pre-requisite average = 84% ( pre-pharmacy courses ) + Cumulative average = 82% (average of all courses) Academic Score is = 83% (84+82/2)

8 Step 2: The Interview Consists of two parts: oral and written Each part is about 45 minutes long All questions are behavioural type questions - not academic questions Example: Tell us about a time when…….. Each question is weighted and scored

9 After the Interview Admission Scores are ranked. How to Calculate the Admission Score: – Academic Score represents 65% of admission score – Interview Score represents 35% of admission score Example: Assume Academic Score is 82% and Interview Score is 63% 75.35 Calculation: 82 x 65% + 63 x 35% Admission Score is 75.35 (53.30 +22.05)

10 Offers of Admission Admission Scores for the pool of applicants are ranked highest to lowest A minimum of 75% of offers of admission are made to residents of Newfoundland & Labrador

11 Is Pharmacy right for you? Are You: – A good communicator – Dedicated – Patient – A team player – Conscientious – Empathetic Do you have: – The ability to take responsibility for actions – Good decision making capability – Leadership skills


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