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Ohio The Buckeye State State Flag Presentation by: Davis Engen

2 Region: Midwest region
Statehood Date: March 1, 1803 Region: Midwest region Bordering States: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania State Capital: Columbus Population: million (2012) Largest City: Columbus Population: 787,033 Ohio State seal

3 State Animal: White-tailed deer

4 State Tree: Ohio Buckeye

5 State Beverage: Tomato juice

6 State Flower: Scarlet carnation

7 State Bird: Cardinal

8 State fish: Walleye

9 State Gemstone: Ohio Flint

10 State Fossil: Trilobite

11 State Candy: Buckeyes

12 Landmarks Ohio River Ohio State House

13 Ohio was the 17th state

14 Average High Temperature

15 Sources: Ohio State motto
Ohio State motto

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