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Your Signal is Strong – Be Heard with Verizon Rule The Air.

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1 Your Signal is Strong – Be Heard with Verizon Rule The Air

2 ABOUT VERIZON Mission: To deliver value through global capabilities, integrated service portfolios and employee commitment to a customer-first philosophy. Vision: To be the premier communications partner to enterprises worldwide.

3 COMPANY BACKGROUND Head Quarters: Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA Revenue: $ 21.2 Billion Dollars in 2007 Global Reach: 321 offices across six continents, including operations in 75 countries In the United States, current access to the Verizon Wireless 3 G Network covers more than 240 million people in 248 major metropolitan areas

4 INNOVATION & ACCOMPLISHMENTS Verizon was the first to widely deploy fiber to homes – FIOS (Fiber Optic Services). Verizon Business holds more than 950 technology patents Verizon Wireless had the first EVDO network (Evolution Data Optimized)

5 VERIZON WIRELESS - 3G NETWORK Currently has the largest 3G network across the United States & is striving to create the largest 4G network.

6 4G NETWORK Verizon is creating it’s own 4G network which will require cell towers to be upgraded from CDMA to LTE. CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access LTE – Long Term Evolution Both are methods of digital wireless transmission

7 BENEFITS OF 4G LTE NETWORK 4G network will be 10 times faster than current 3G network 4G supports HD video When moving from one cell phone tower to another, the wireless signal will carried without being dropped Speeds up to 100 MB/S

8 INTRODUCING FIRST 4G PHONE Verizon and Samsung have come together to create it’s first 4G phone. It will be comparable to the EVO 4G which belongs to Sprint’s 4G network and other phones on the market. Our goal is to create the ultimate 4G phone that features the latest and fastest in technology which appeals to customers of all ages.

9 4G FLASH FEATURES Android Hummingbird Processor Dual cameras Touch screen Wifi Skype capable Bluetooth GPS enabled Visual Voicemail

10 Each phone with a phone plan will come with: Bluetooth piece Battery charger & car charger Hands free headset Retail price without a contract with Verizon: $599.99 Price with 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless: $349.99 with a $150.00 instant/mail-in rebate 4G FLASH Cost of phone:Phone Comes With:

11 INDIVIDUAL PLANS 500 minutes with unlimited data & text: $59.99/month 750 minutes with unlimited data & text: $79.99/month 1000 minutes with unlimited data & text: $99.99/month FAMILY PLANS 2 lines included Each additional line is $9.99 700 minutes: $69.99 1400 minutes: $89.99 2000 minutes: $99.99 Unlimited text is additional: $5.99 per line a month Unlimited data is additional : $19.99 for plan a month 4G PHONE PLANS

12 WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THE FUTURE Verizon will not only be taking steps to push forward to a new time and age of technology but will also be perfecting what has already been accomplished. Verizon’s mission will be carried out in it’s endeavors to it’s consumers to provide the best experience possible. The 4G network is a growing industry in which Verizon’s first 4G phone – 4G Flash will be one of the many new devices to be used on this network.

13 Your Signal is Strong – Be Heard with Verizon Rule The Air

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