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Amanda Novotney McLauchlin Period 5. Alfred Stieglitz 1/1/1864 to 7/13/1946.

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1 Amanda Novotney McLauchlin Period 5

2 Alfred Stieglitz 1/1/1864 to 7/13/1946

3 Alfred was the first born to two Jewish-German immigrants. Five more siblings later came and his father oversaw their education and made sure that they were well learned. Since no school in America challenged him enough, the Stieglitz family moved to Germany where the children were enrolled in private schools. When he bought his firsts camera he spent his time traveling across Europe taking pictures of landscapes and the native people. He submitted some pictures into a British magazine which he won 1 st and 2 nd place in. This is when his career launched. Soon he was a journalist for that magazine and winning awards for his photographs.

4 I love how you can see the steam coming off the horses due to the cold


6 I love how he caught the lady searching for/looking at someone

7 Dorothea Lange 5/26/1895 to 10/11/1965

8 Dorothea studied at Colombia University and started out as a independent portrait photographer. When the depression hit she was shocked by the amount of homeless people. That is when her quest to draw attention to the issues of the migrants and homeless began. Something about how she captured the peoples despair and pain but also the pride and faith that they held awed the nation. Since then she has been a photography icon.

9 I love this picture because of the lighting. The shadows cast on his eyes are so amazing.

10 The lone person is off center and that seems strange but it makes the picture even better

11 Ansel Adams 2/20/ 1902 to 4/22/1984

12 As a boy an aftershock of the great earthquake and fire of 1906 severely broke his nose which distinctly marked him for the rest of his life. A year later the family fortune collapsed. His life greatly influenced his pictures and his love for nature shone through every shot. He spent a summer working as a caretaker in the organization's headquarters in Yosemite Valley. Ansel Adams died on April 22, 1984. Many people didn’t understand why he took pictures of rocks and trees while the world around him was crumbling apart.

13 How the reflection is almost clearer than the sky is so cool


15 Irving Penn 6/16/1917 to present day

16 As a child he went to public schools and then enrolled in four year course at Philadelphia Museum School of Art. When he was 25 he went to Mexico to spend a year painting, in which he convinced himself that he would never be better than a mediocre painter. He then went to work as an assistant to a photographer at Vogue that thought nothing of his ideas, the director did and told him to take the pictures himself. His picture landed the cover spot of the magazine and launched his career. He varied his equipment and materials so that not one picture was ever alike.


18 This picture is so unique due to the fact that his subject isn't in focus but yet still clear.

19 John Shaw

20 He has been a professional nature photographer since the early 1970s. John started out as a teacher but soon found out that it wasn’t his passion. He started taking pictures of wildlife and started selling to National Wildlife. He soon was asked to answer some questions for another magazine and they found he had a talent for both taking and talking about pictures. In that year his business tripled. This was pretty much the launch of his career.

21 The silhouette is a very powerful technique



24 Annie Leibovitz 10/02/1949 to present day

25 Since 1970 Annie has been taking pictures of actors, singers and artists. Her first professional job was to shoot John Lennon. Since then, her carrier has done nothing but rise to very top. Her work has appeared in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stones and news papers and ad campaigns for companies such as American Express and Gap.

26 I love this picture because of the blurry background which suggests movement and the positioning of the subjects.

27 I love this picture because of the colors and the way that the picture was captured. The running motion is so perfect and yet still natural.

28 Anne Geddes Sometime in September of 1956

29 Born in Australia, she never even considered photography as her career option. She is completely self taught and obviously successful. He work is usually with infants and small children. She says that the hardest thing to create in this world is something simple. She has sold over 16 million books and her images are some of the most well-known/popular images known to our culture today.

30 She seems to always be able to capture the babies attention right before she snaps a shot and that’s skill


32 J B o u e s s i n k

33 Twelve years ago he officially started his professional photography career. He started as a landscape photographer but that soon dissolved into observing people on some of the most special days of their lives. He has taken picture all over the world and for an uncounted number of celebrities. He has child with autism and is doing a photographic book on it. He was one many awards and teaches seminars all over the world. I love his quote, “there is no such thing as a perfect image, only a perfect moment.”



36 His use of color is a strength of his it seems

37 Greg Kadel

38 Greg is a American born fashion photographer who is recently based in New York although he grew up in Pennsylvania. His photographs have been published in magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Italia and Harper's Bazaar. He has also done ads for Valentino and more.

39 Just the way she isn't focused on the camera makes this incredible


41 Patrizio Di Renzo


43 Just the background itself is amazing

44 Favorite Photographer I have many favorite photographers, but I think John Shaw is truly amazing. His view on things in this world amazes me. Somehow he seems to capture not only the actions of what he is documenting but also the emotions that surround it. He positions his camera and shoots but not just a picture comes out, it’s feeling put into a image.

45 One of the things I like about his photography is the colors’ that he finds. Pictures like this one are really mesmerizing. He obviously doesn’t see things in a black and white perspective but instead every color of the rainbow and more.


47 I also love the way he captures motion. Water has always fascinated me but the way that he put water on paper just astounds me. I love how the motion is blurred but clear at the same time and how you can tell something is moving and feel as if you were to reach out and touch it it would sweep your fingers away.

48 Lastly I love how when he takes a picture of a wild animal it looks completely natural and yet posed at the same time. Take these zebras for instance, it seems that he put them in that stance and said, “Hey smile for the camera stripeys”. I don’t know how he does it but it works perfectly.


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