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History, present and future.

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1 History, present and future.

2 Overview Company GRAND POWER Ltd succeeded on the weaponry market with firearms production using the latest technologies and materials. Founded by constructor Jaroslav Kuracina, who transfered his patents into practice. In the production of small arms, he came up with unique construction and invested to science and research. Achieved exceptional economic and technological results.

3 History Year 1994 First drawings of prototype was created. Year 1996
Patent application has been filed. Year 1997 First functional sample of the pistol has been producedv In Považské strojárne marked as Q2000. Year 1999 After bankruptcy of Považské strojarne name GRAND POWER has been established and begins production under its brand.

4 History Year 2002 Modification of pistol K1 changes name to K100, which has become synonymous with the future of GARND POWER. For start-up of production, Grand Power has established cooperation with Detva Kops company as first serial producer.

5 History Year 2003 Test series of 370 pieces produced guns under the brand Grand Power K100 Year 2004 Product line of pistols enhanced by mechanisms DAO trigger, and QA.

6 History Year 2004 Introduced into the production of economic model K100 marked as GPC9 and special models 102R and 105R for military forces. Year 2005 III. series, product line has been extended by new model K100 Whisper, developing compact model based on the K100 and new frame has been introduced marked as Mk6.

7 History Year 2006 First model of compact size K100 Mk6 has been developed and entered the market under the name P1 Mk6.

8 History Year 2006 The company bought the first machines and made ​​the first steps to starting its own manufacturing and assembling weapons.

9 History Year 2007 Was significant in foreign trade market.
Our sport shooters representation Finished second on Australasia Championship. Company STI INTERNATIONAL INC. noticed our success. Year 2008 We have been contacted by STI, and american audit shown positive results and Grand Power started export to USA .

10 History Year 2009 Based on previous commercial and sporting success, cooperation with important trading partners AKBC with the Russian Federation begins. Following their request to develop a new model GP T10 was launched and export to the Russian market started to grow. GRAND POWER manufactures its piece with serial Number G

11 History Year 2009 Company has undertaken yet another important step by obtaining quality certificate ISO 9001/2009 for weapon development and Production. Certificate helps to maintain high standards,quality-management, equalization and arms sales. Company becomes fully independent in process of manufacture and gun assembling.

12 History Year 2010 Yet another significant step forward
by developing and introducing new frame with interchangeable grips to improve ergonomy of all pistols. We achieved very good results, which enabled us to start building own manufacturing and administrative facilities.

13 full size sport special
History Year 2011 Despite the crisis, high standards of quality has been kept and new models introduced on IWA 2011 exhibition : P11 Mk7 subcompact X-CALIBUR Mk7 full size sport special

14 Present - Production Handguns calibers in production
9 mm Luger ACP 9 mm Makarov LR 9 mm P.A. KNALL 9 mm Rubber 10x22 Rubber 10x28 Rubber

15 Present - Production Important products are rubber bullet guns,
also called Traumatic or less lethal guns. T910, caliber 9mm PA Rubber T910 a T10, caliber 10x22T T12, caliber 10x28T

16 Present - Production Basic product line of 9 mm LUGER / 9x19mm models
K100 Standard size P1 Compact size P11 Subcompact size X-CALIBUR Full size sport target special

17 Present - Production Grand Power Company is now in the production of weapons through our own factory, 100% self-sufficient in terms of mechanical machinery. We use the latest 4 and 5-axis machining center with an accuracy of + / mm and high productivity. Heat treatment and surface treatment ensures our suppliers, as well as plastic and metal stampings, springs and pins.

18 Present - Expanding Number of Emploies Turnover in 1000€

19 Present - Export Sales share year 2010

20 Present - Partners AKBC , Russian Federation

21 Present - Patents Certificates awarded STN EN ISO 9001:2009
Patents for EU, USA a Russia.

22 Present - Awards AWARDS for Subcompact model P11
Krištalový Merkúr PRIX E+R+P INCHEBA 2011

23 Present - Trophys Sport achievements of K100
2007 Gold medal Team Silver medal Team Gold medal Production division EHC Productin division Australasia CZ Extreme Euro Open

24 Future Keeping the grow and build their own production areas.
Getting a solid market position. Deliver unique solutions and innovations. To enter not only civilian market, but become supplies player in the power of NATO.

25 END Thank you for watching

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