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Designed By: Technical Training Department

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1 Designed By: Technical Training Department

2 Technical Training Department
Presentation Agenda Overview of Seqrite 6.1 features & Enhancements. New Features & Enhancements in EPS 6.2 Flavor Comparison. Endpoint Security Feature Packs. Seqrite EPS Benefits. Queries Technical Training Department

3 Seqrite EPS 6.1 Features Overview
Roaming client will communicate with EPS server through cloud server. Quick Heal Ver (2015) based clients integrated. Internet settings for configuring proxy server settings for EPS server. Administrator can configure migration period (30, 60 or 90 days) in case of Multiserver Installation. Technical Training Department

4 Seqrite EPS 6.2 Features Overview
Technical Training Department

5 Seqrite Cloud Support . Seqrite Cloud is web based portal that allows centralized management of Seqrite Enterprise Products (End Point Security and Terminator). Seqrite Cloud Console can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Provides a unique Dashboard displaying organizational tree structure with different nodes. The node color distinguishes between groups and associated products along with their status. Seqrite Cloud provides consolidated report of selected products through . Provides access to products’ Web console 24X7. With Seqrite Cloud, you can promote product policies as global policies and those can be applied across other EPS within Tenant.

6 Technical Training Department
Tenant . Tenant is an Organization which purchases Seqrite Cloud account. Every Tenant is provided a unique Cloud license key. To avail the Cloud license, the Tenant should have the enterprise products, as the product keys are associated with Tenant account. The ID will be provided to Tenant’s Root Admin to manage the overall Cloud account. After the account is created, the Tenant receives a Welcome with details of Cloud portal and credentials. Login to Cloud Portal on Technical Training Department

7 Connecting Products to Cloud
. Steps to perform on Seqrite Cloud Portal Log on to the Seqrite Cloud portal. Go to Main menu > Administration > License Information. Under License State column, Send OTP link is present for the specific product. Click the Send OTP link. In Send OTP screen, enter one or more IDs to send the OTP and Click Send OTP. An message is sent to the IDs with One Time Password. Steps to perform on End Point Security Webpage. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security web console. Go to Admin Settings > Server > Seqrite Cloud. Click Connect to Seqrite Cloud. Enter OTP (One Time Password) as given by cloud administrator and click Next. Technical Training Department

8 Technical Training Department
Access Web Console . Web Console of any product can be accessed from Cloud from anywhere at any time. The product web console accessed from Cloud will work in same manner as that in Local Network. Follow below steps to access Web Console Login to Seqrite Cloud on Once logged in click on the related product to get it’s dashboard. After this you will get the EPS Console Dashboard window, which displays the summaries reports of console. This dashboard will be opened in read only mode. Now click on Kitkat menu and select Access web Console to access your console webpage remotely. Technical Training Department

9 Technical Training Department
Back-up and Restore . Seqrite Cloud supports Backup of EPS Groups, Policies and Users. The backup can be taken On Demand, i.e., whenever required or automatic backup can be scheduled daily/weekly/monthly depending on User requirement. Backup can be seen under Backup History on Cloud Platform. Backup can be configured from EPS by navigating to Admin Settings > Cloud Platform. On Demand backup can be taken place by clicking “Backup Now”. Seqrite supports maximum 10 backups per product. Technical Training Department

10 EPS Webpage Browser Compatibility
EPS web console is supported on Google Chrome (ver. 39 &above) and Mozilla Firefox (ver. 34 & above). Fig.EPS Webpage in Firefox Technical Training Department

11 Policy Deployment Status
Policy deployment status (Applied, Pending or Failed) will be displayed on EPS web console's Manage Policies Page under Clients option. This status will help Administrators to check the status of the applied policies on the clients. Technical Training Department

12 Technical Training Department
Policy Description Policy Description can be added while adding Policy from Manage Policies page. This will help Administrator to identify the policy settings according to the descriptions. Technical Training Department

13 Enabling/Disabling Users
Administrator can enable/disable EPS web console users from EPS web console using manage users available under Server option of Admin Settings on Console Webpage. Technical Training Department

14 Technical Training Department
Summaries Reports You can get summarized reports for your enterprise products from anywhere at any time. You can generate report for a particular date range, different groups or products, and export them in PDF or CSV formats. A consolidated report of selected enterprise product can be generated or scheduled to be received through . Depending on the product type (EPS or Terminator), different types of reports can be generated, such as; anti-malware, virus scan, DDoS attack, Internet usage, mail protection, policy breach attempts etc. Technical Training Department

15 Overview of other important Features
EPS web console > Clients and Reports pages will display 20 records without scrolling the page. Apache web server version integrated with EPS server. (Earlier Apache web server version was integrated.) Technical Training Department

16 Endpoint Security Feature Comparison
Features Seqrite EPS Business Seqrite EPS Total IDS/IPS Protection Y Firewall Protection Phishing Protection Browsing Protection SMS Notification Vulnerability Scan Spam Protection Web Filtering Application Control Device Control PC Tuner File Activity Monitor Asset Management  Y Roaming Client

17 Endpoint Security Feature Packs
Seqrite provides ‘Feature Packs’ to customers who already purchased “Seqrite Endpoint Security Business” flavor of the product. After applying the feature pack license, customers will get the additional features. For EPS Total edition customer can buy DLP pack separately, But in the case of business edition, customer have to purchase the compliance pack then he can purchase the DLP pack. Feature Packs Features Productivity Spam Protection + Web Security Compliance App Control Device Control + File Activity Monitor Performance PC-Tuner Data Loss Prevention Roaming Roaming Clients



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