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Accounting & Finance Options 1 May 2013 – Penny Young.

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1 Accounting & Finance Options 1 May 2013 – Penny Young

2 The Story so far…..  Fundamentals of Financial Reporting  Financial Decision Making  Fundamentals of Management Accounting  …….

3 Why would I choose Accounting & Finance Modules?  Careers (why are we thinking about employability now?)  Important to choose modules which you enjoy and will get a good mark in, rather than because of what you think an employer wants to see

4 So….Possible careers  Chartered Accountant  Management Accountant  Certified Accountant  Financial Controller  Finance Manager  General Management  All A&F modules give you an insight

5 Recruitment – what are they looking for?  Ability / aptitude for things commercial  Training contract – they will teach you what you need to know  Much easier to satisfy the “commercial awareness” / “commitment to chosen career” criteria if your transcript already shows you have chosen A&F modules

6 Financial Accounting v Management Accounting  Historic v forecasting  External v internal  Rules-based v budgeting

7 So which modules should I do?  Industry focused – management accounting modules e.g. BMAN23000 Foundations of Finance & BMAN21040 Intermediate Management Accounting  Practice focused – financial reporting modules e.g. BMAN21020 & BMAN20081  Undecided – one of each

8 Will I get exemptions?  What are exemptions?  Can we get them?  Are they useful?

9 What will I get exemptions from?  CIMA / ICAEW / ACCA  If you can demonstrate that you have the required knowledge  Useful for career

10 Not the end of the world if you don’t get exemptions  “they” will teach you what you need to know  Better to get a better class of degree than focus on exemptions

11 What will an A&F module be like?  Ex-practitioner faculty staff  Real-life examples and application  Industry experts  Members of the profession

12 Think about third year  Any idea what you want to study? E.g. Financial Analysis of corporate performance, Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Derivatives, Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting and regulation  Make sure you check whether there are any second year modules which are prerequisites e.g. Foundations of Finance opens up many A&F courses for final year

13 So what happens next…?  Go away and do some research  Think about career  Think about what you are good at  Read the programme structure  Talk to current 2 nd years  Drop-in Session 2 May  Course Choices opens 7 August

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