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Registration 101 For Academic Advisors. What We Will Cover Logging On How Students Register on myGate – How to Enter CRNS – How to Search for Classes.

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1 Registration 101 For Academic Advisors

2 What We Will Cover Logging On How Students Register on myGate – How to Enter CRNS – How to Search for Classes Class Search/Advanced Search By Prefix/Department/Program By Attribute (location, instructor, US Category) By Class Period – How to View and Print Schedule (2 copies, one for advisor and one to take to Summer O counselor at Library), inc. Week at a Glance feature

3 Log On Quick Tip Students should use these credentials to log on to the MSU system: – ID: summer.o – Password: racers Students then log on to myGate and register. If students have trouble with passwords, have them call the Help Desk x2346.

4 Course Search and Registration myGate Academics Tab Click on Add or Drop Classes

5 On the next screen, the student may be asked to complete a REGISTRATION VERIFICATION form. This information is confidential, so do your best to protect the student’s privacy (in a public computer lab). Students also need to agree to the following: Required Policy Acknowledgements: ☐ I have reviewed all payment and refund policies and procedures. ☐ I am aware of how to locate the Student Life Handbook and Student Life Policies online. ☐ I have read and understand the following information as it relates to Financial Aid: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy Return to Title IV Refund Policy Repeat Courses Drug Violation Penalties Incarceration ☐ I am aware of my rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

6 On the next screen Select the Term and Submit Select Term and click Submit

7 If you know the CRNs, simply input the #s and click Submit Changes To search for classes, click Class Search On the next screen you can add CRNs

8 If the classes you have selected are available, you will see this:

9 If one or more of the courses you chose is closed, you may see this:

10 or any of these:

11 Class Search Feature Then click Course Search Click on a prefix to show all classes, or Ctrl Click to choose more than one prefix

12 Open Or Closed Sections Box denotes open; “C” denotes closed. Click on box AND click “Register” at bottom of page to add open section.

13 Or you can use the Advanced Search feature – Click here Advanced Search

14 Search by Prefix Course # and/or Title Instructional Method Credit Hours Campus Course Level Part of Term Instructor University Studies Category Class Times and Days And Click Search

15 To Search All Prefixes, Ctrl/Left Mouse and hold Until all Prefixes are Blue

16 To Search for University Studies Courses that fulfill a particular requirement, use Attribute Type: Ctrl Click the ones that you want to include in your search

17 You can choose a particular regular schedule time too: Then click Section Search

18 You can practice these search methods on your Teaching/Advising Tab -- Schedule of Classes link

19 Week at a Glance From the Class Search Screen, Click here, and advance to the first FULL week of the semester

20 Week at a Glance Be sure to go to the first FULL week of classes, in order to see the entire schedule!

21 Once the Schedule is Complete: 15 hours is recommended 12 hours is the minimum for full-time status (Bursar: 12 non-WEB; Scholarship, International, Veteran, Housing have credit-hour requirements as well) Be sure advisee is enrolled in needed developmental courses and prerequisites for area/major/minor

22 On the Academics Tab, look for the Student Links box (right side of page) Click View/Print My Schedule To Print Schedules

23 For Summer O, have each advisee print 2 One copy is for the advisor. One copy goes with them to the Library where they check out with their Summer O counselors.

24 AP and Dual Credit Courses At Summer O: because advisees MAY not have AP or dual credit scores/grades already submitted, choose classes based on current information In Summer O Student Booklet is a form that will help you to give your advisee the information he/she needs when scores come in – fill it out with the student. Be sure the advisee has a contact here – you or someone in your department/program. Be sure that your advisee has scores sent to MSU – address is on the form.

25 Questions / Comments Contact Barbara Cobb, Coordinator of Academic Advising Contact your Department Chair Contact your Dean Contact the Registrar’s Office Contact the Transfer Center At Summer O, use “Who to Contact” list

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