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All materials © The rSmart Group Customizing Portfolio Tools in Sakai Janice A. Smith The rSmart Group.

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1 All materials © The rSmart Group Customizing Portfolio Tools in Sakai Janice A. Smith The rSmart Group

2 Portfolio Tools Require preplanning and customization Work together to support educational processes at your institution May be a part of any Sakai site Can support participant work in courses and projects as well as in stand-alone portfolio sites Require additional.xml programming

3 Portfolio Tools in Sakai 2.3 Portfolio Sites Resources Matrices Glossary Wizards Evaluations Forms Styles Portfolio Layouts Portfolio Templates Portfolios Reports

4 Portfolio Process Collection Selection Reflection Connection A continuously iterative process Articulating relationships to personal and social experience Locating and pulling together relevant evidence of learning Putting evidence to use Giving and receive feedback Continuing to refine evidence and reflection Choosing evidence for particular purposes. Identifying gaps and connections.

5 ePortfolio Purposes Self-Presentation –Student career development and job search –Faculty development and evaluation –Lifelong learning Teaching and Learning –Student awareness of learning –Instructor assessment of learning Institutional assessment and accreditation

6 Self Presentation Site participants Enter evidence in Resources Access portfolio templates through Portfolios tool to create –Resume –Artist portfolio Or design their own portfolios using available styles and layouts

7 Teaching and Learning Instructors design wizards and matrices Students submit documentation of and reflection on learning Instructors evaluate evidence and reflection Students share completed wizard or matrix via a portfolio template

8 Assessment and Accreditation Rhode Island High Schools: Goal Management Tool provides standards Assignments tool collects evidence Grad Portfolio Template selects evidence and reflection Reports aggregate evidence of learning for high school accreditation and state report cards

9 Brief Demo of Portfolio Tools Self-Presentation Resume Portfolio Showcase Portfolio Resume Wizard Teaching and Learning Co-curricular Matrix and Portfolio General Education Matrix and Portfolio Assessment and Accreditation Assignments, Goal Management, Graduation Portfolio, and Reports

10 Customization of Portfolio Tools Portfolio Sites Forms Matrices and Wizards Portfolio Styles and Layouts Portfolio Templates Reports

11 Portfolio Sites Differentiated from course / project sites Specifically dedicated to portfolio work Specialized tools/roles /permissions Portfolio tools also available for course and project sites

12 Customizing Portfolio Sites Portfolio tools in Sakai 2.3 are provisional and must be “turned on” for use. Portfolio sites are an automatic choice when creating new sites in Worksite Setup. Portfolio tools can also be included in course and project sites. Select tools according to your portfolio purpose For self-presentation, choose –Forms –Portfolio templates –Styles –Portfolio layouts For teaching and learning, also choose –Wizards –Matrices –Evaluations –Glossary For assessment and accreditation, also choose –Reports Brief demo of creating a portfolio site

13 Forms Participants access forms through Resources Use forms for –Reflection and evaluation in matrices and wizards –Adding content to matrices, wizards, and portfolios One saved instance of a form can be used many times Site organizers create forms with.xsd programming in Forms tool

14 Customizing Forms Create.xsd for the form outside of Sakai –Name the form carefully –Create fields with field names serving as prompts –Fields can be text, dates, integers, decimals, or complex Upload.xsd to a folder in My Workspace Resources Open the Forms tool in the site in which you want to form to appear Create the form by –Selecting the.xsd file from Resources –Adding text for participant instructions in using the form Review the form in your account for accuracy Publish the form so that all participants in the site can use it Once published, editing is limited and deletion not possible Consider suggesting the form for global publishing via Portfolio Admin Brief demo of creating a form

15 Wizards and Matrices Documentation, reflection and assessment of learning Sequential, hierarchical or tabular process Pages or cells with –Instruction, rationale, and examples –User evidence of learning –Reflection, feedback, and evaluation Created with user interface and.xsd programming

16 Customizing Forms and Matrices Use wizard or matrix tool interface to create –Wizard categories and pages –Matrix rows, columns, and cells Upload.xsd, create, and select forms for –Participant work in cells and pages –Reflection prompts for participants –Feedback prompts for formative review –Evaluation scales and prompts for summative review Check the matrix or wizard for accuracy and effectiveness before publishing Once published, editing is limited and deletion not possible Brief demo of creating a matrix or wizard

17 Evaluations Formative review in wizard or matrix Summative evaluation of matrix cell or wizard/wizard page via evaluation form Customizable (using.xsd programming) for –Prompts –Scales –Comments

18 Customizing Evaluations Upload.xsd to create evaluation and feedback forms Add forms to matrix cells, wizards, or wizard pages Select evaluators for matrix cells, wizards, or wizard pages –By role –By username Reviewers use the Matrix or Wizard tools for formative review Evaluators use the Evaluations tool for summative review Brief demo of setting up feedback and evaluation

19 Styles and Layouts Styles applied to –Matrices –Wizards –Portfolios Layouts applied to –Portfolios Participants use styles and portfolio layouts to design their own portfolios Customizable using.xml programming

20 Customizing Styles and Layouts Use.xml and.css programming to create the style or layout outside Sakai Upload.xml/.css to a folder in My Workspace Resources Open the Styles or Portfolio Layouts tools for the appropriate site Name the style or layout and select the.xml or.css file Consider suggesting the style or portfolio layout for global use via Portfolio Admin Brief demo of creating a style or portfolio layout

21 Portfolios Opportunity to share evidence and reflection with others User designed with styles and layouts Institutionally designed with portfolio templates Customizable using.xml programming

22 Customizing Portfolio Templates Create.xsl,.xsd,.css, and javascript files outside of Sakai and upload them to a folder in My Workspace Resources Open Portfolio Templates in the appropriate site Follow the steps to name the portfolio template and select the appropriate files and available forms and uploaded files Publish the template for others to use Once published, the template can be edited or deleted if it is not in use Consider suggesting the portfolio template for global use via Portfolio Admin Brief demo of creating a portfolio template

23 Reports Report templates specify data to be collected Data may be displayed, shared, printed, and exported Customizable using.xml programming

24 Customizing Reports Create report templates outside of Sakai Integrate report templates into existing reporting functionality Anticipate improvements in reporting for OSP 2.4 Brief demo of existing report

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