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Mesa Regal Tennis Club System

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1 Mesa Regal Tennis Club Email System

2 Tennis Club – “Gmail” Account Link
1. Click on the System page 2. Click on this link will take you to the new tennis club account. LOGIN is mesaregaltennis and the password is for tennis members only. If you are a tennis club member and do not know the password, please This password is also used to view the membership list.

3 Email System Front Page
Click here to compose and message..

4 Compose Your Email Message
Compose your message and add your REPLY ADDRESS

5 Address Your Email Message To All Club Members
Due to the 198 tennis member addresses, click on the Bcc (Blind cc) to add the address. This does not add the addresses to the sent .

6 Addresses 2. Click on My Contacts to see a drop down list of all group lists. List include all 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 Teams, Captains list, Club Officers and Club Members. 1. Click on the Bcc to see the “Choose from contacts” drop down list. When sending a message to all members, select My Contacts drop down list and then Mesa Regal Tennis Club . This only sends one message to each household and not duplicate s to the same address s versus 198.

7 Selecting email addresses
Click on My Contacts to see a drop down list of all group lists. This is an example of the 2.0 Blue Team members. 2. Click on ALL to select team member to get the .

8 Add Email Addresses to Bcc
2. addresses will be added to the Bcc area. 1. Click on Done to add the addresses to the . 1000

9 Send Your Email Message
Click the Send button to send your message

This message was sent from the Mesa Regal Tennis Club Gmail message system. To send a reply to all members, click on "REPLY TO ALL". To keep your message private, you must direct your comments to a club member either by using your personal account or by signing onto the Mesa Regal Tennis Web site at and following the System links.

11 If you have any problem with the Web Site or system, please detailing the problem.

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