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Birth Control Methods.

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1 Birth Control Methods

2 Abstinence Category How it works Side effects % Effectiveness Cost
No intercourse Side effects none % Effectiveness 100% Cost Free

3 Birth Control Pills Category: How it works: Side Effects:
Chemical How it works: Prevents ovulation Side Effects: Nausea, mood changes, weight gain, irregular bleeding % Effectiveness: 92-99% when taken daily Cost: $20-35/Month plus doctor exam fee

4 Depo-Provera Category: How it works: Side Effects: % Effectiveness
Chemical How it works: Prevents ovulation Must get an injection every 3 months Side Effects: irregular bleeding, nausea, headaches % Effectiveness 97-99% Cost: $30-75 per injection plus doctor visit fee

5 IUD- Intrauterine Device
Category: Barrier How it works: Prevents implantation of a fertilized egg, prevents egg from meeting sperm Side effects: Increased cramps, heavier periods, irregular bleeding % Effectiveness: 99% Cost: $

6 The Patch (Ortho-Evra)
Category Chemical How it works Prevents ovulation Side Effects Skin irritation, irregular bleeding, not as effective on heavier women % Effectiveness 99% Cost $30-40/month supply

7 Condom– Male and Female
Category barrier How it works Collects sperm and blocks it from entering vagina Side Effects None unless you are allergic to latex % Effectiveness 85% if used correctly Cost About $.50 each-male About $1.00 each-female

8 Condom– Male and Female
DO NOT USE BOTH MALE AND FEMALE CONDOMS AT THE SAME TIME!!! (The friction will cause both to break) One time use only – thrown away after you use it and replaced with a new one before your next act of sex. CONDOMS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Women or Men who are uncomfortable touching the penis Those who have an allergy to latex (rubber) or spermicide. Avanti and Trojan Supra brands have a polyurethane male condom (best) or natural membrane condoms (lamb skin) Only 1-2% of women and men have such allergies

9 Nuva-Ring Category: How it works: Chemical
It is a small, flexible ring containing hormones that is inserted into the vagina once a month. It is left in place for three weeks and taken out for the remaining week. Prevents ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus, which prevents sperm from joining with an egg. The hormones also thin the lining of the uterus.

10 Nuva Ring Side Effects: % Effectiveness: Cost:
Bleeding between periods, weight gain or loss, breast tenderness, Nausea — rarely, vomiting, changes in mood. % Effectiveness: 92-99% when used properly Cost: $30-40 per month, plus $ for doctor exam

11 Diaphragm/Cervical Cap/Sponge
Category Mechanical/Barrier How it works Blocks sperm from entering uterus. Must be used with spermicide Side Effects Frequent bladder infections, cannot be used if allergic to latex, may be painful to use % Effectiveness 85% when used correctly Cost $15-75 plus cost of doctor exam and fitting for cervical cap and diaphragm

12 Spermicidal Foams, Gels, Creams
Category Chemical/ mechanical How it works Create a physical barrier for sperm, also contain a sperm killing chemical Side Effects May cause irritation % Effectiveness 78%, increased when used with other forms of birth control Cost $10 per kit

13 Natural Family Planning
Category Periodic abstinence How it works Monitor changes in body to predict “safe and unsafe” days of the month Side effects none % Effectiveness 75% effective Cost

14 Withdrawal Category How it works Side Effects % Effectiveness Cost
Abstinence? How it works Male pulls penis out before ejaculation Side Effects None % Effectiveness Less than 75% Cost Free

15 Emergency Contraceptives
How it works- The “Morning After Pill” is used to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Prevents ovary from releasing an egg. Cost- $10-70

16 Tubal Ligation Category How it works Side Effects % Effectiveness Cost
Permanent, surgical sterilization How it works Fallopian tube are cut and tied, egg cannot reach uterus Side Effects Soreness, discomfort after procedure % Effectiveness Over 99% Cost $ , sometimes covered by insurance

17 Vasectomy Category How it works Side Effects % Effectiveness Cost
Permanent, surgical sterilization How it works Vas deferens cut and tied, no sperm in semen Side Effects Initial pain, soreness % Effectiveness Over 99% Cost $ , may be covered by insurance

18 Birth Control Myths Myths: Don't Believe Everything You Hear  1. Myth - A girl can't get pregnant if it is her first time. Truth – A girl is just as likely to get pregnant her first time as any other time she has sex. A girl starts ovulating when she starts menstruating, not after she starts having sex. 2. Myth – You won't get pregnant if you have sex during your period. Truth – You may be less likely to get pregnant during your period, but having sex during your period does not prevent pregnancy from happening a few days later. Only 30% of women ovulate between the 10th and 17th days of their cycles, the other 70% ovulate before or after those days, including during their periods. 3. Myth – Having sex in the bathtub (swimming pool, lake, river, etc.) will keep you from getting pregnant. Truth – There is nothing in the water that prevents pregnancy from happening or kills the sperm cells. The sperm cells are already inside the woman and have started their journey up through the cervix to the uterus and fallopian tubes.

19 Birth Control Myths 4. Myth - Douching with Coke or Pepsi right after sex will prevent pregnancy. Truth – Douching with either of these will only create a sticky mess. Sperm swim fast! By the time the woman gets up, the sperm have already started their journey, and only the lack of ovulation, thick cervical fluid, or decreased lining of the uterus will prevent pregnancy at this point. 5. Myth – Jump up and down or cough really hard after sex and you won't get pregnant. Truth – Just like using a douche, or having sex in water, these don't work. Although some of the ejaculate will 'fall out' if you jump or cough, more than enough of the sperm cells are already well on their way to the uterus for pregnancy to occur.

20 Birth Control Myths 6. Myth – If the woman/man doesn't reach orgasm the woman won't get pregnant. Truth – A woman can get pregnant whether or not she has an orgasm. The orgasm does not cause ovulation, hormones do. A man does not need to ejaculate for the woman to get pregnant. Sperm are released before ejaculation happens and can result in pregnancy. 7. Myth – Women need to take a break from the pill. Truth – There is no reason for women to stop taking the pill or any other birth control method unless they want to get pregnant, are switching methods, or are no longer having sex. 8. Myth – Two condoms are better than one. Truth – You should not 'double up' your condoms. Wearing two (or more) condoms at the same time actually increases the risk of them either tearing or splitting. When it comes to using condoms, one at a time is best and most effective.

21 Birth Control Myths 9. Myth – Drinking Mountain Dew before or after sex kills sperm and prevents pregnancy. Truth – Actually drinking Mountain Dew can 'excite' the sperm cells causing them to swim faster. The caffeine (and all other ingredients) in this soda does not prevent pregnancy. 10. Myth – If a girl has not started having periods, she can't get pregnant. Truth – A girl can ovulate before she has her first period, which means she can get pregnant before she ever has a period.

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