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Communication Skills Chapter 9.

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1 Communication Skills Chapter 9

2 Bell Activity Define key terms and write a quick paragraph on what communication techniques you think are important for business and why.

3 Why is this important? Managers spend most of their time communicating, so it is important that they develop effective communication skills.

4 What Is Communication? Communication is the act of exchanging information. It can be used to: inform • assess command • influence instruct • persuade

5 Communicating in the Business World
Managers communicate every day and spend about three-quarters of the day in communication with others.

6 Why is communication an important management skill?
1. Managers must give direction to the people who work for them. 2. Managers must be able to motivate people. 3. Managers must be able to convince customers that they should do business with them. 4. Managers must be able to absorb the ideas of others. 5. Managers must be able to persuade other people.

7 Understanding the Audience
1. What does the audience already know? 2. What does it want to know? 3. What is its capacity for absorbing information? 4. What does is hope to gain by listening? Is it hoping to be motivated? Informed? Convinced? 5. Is the audience friendly or hostile?

8 Developing Good Listening Skills

9 One way to be a good listener is to be an active listener.
Active Listening One way to be a good listener is to be an active listener. One way to be a good listener is to be an active listener. 1. Identify the speaker’s purpose. 2. Identify the speaker’s main ideas. 3. Note the speaker’s tone as well as his or her body language. 4. Respond to the speaker with appropriate comments, questions, and body language.

10 Nonverbal Communication
People also communicate without words, or nonverbally, in the following ways; eye contact with facial expressions and gestures by raising or lowering their voices by the way they dress by the way they walk Fig 2-1

11 Activity Listening Skills Pair up Decide if you are partner A or B
Sit back to back with desk in front of you Wait for my instructions

12 Homework Facts and Ideas Review P. 209 1-4
Critical Thinking Activity P

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