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People Risk Their Lives Everyday By: Roselena Bressler.

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1 People Risk Their Lives Everyday By: Roselena Bressler

2 Dedication I dedicate this to my teachers and my mother for helping me to make this photo essay and for helping me through every step.

3 One day my friend Faith came into school sad, so I asked her what was wrong. She replied by telling me her brother died in the war yesterday, she found out when she got home. Then she said that before her brother left he told her that he was going to war because he wanted her and her family to live a normal life without war. He didn’t want them to have anything to worry about, like having enough money for food, or making sure their home wasn’t going to be taken away. It was the saddest thing I ever heard. Her whole family was upset, they never really talked to anyone after that. We didn’t have any more play dates, her life was full of sadness. This is how much people are willing to risk their lives for us, and it’s sad to see the families after their loss. Those types of things happen every day. More and more people die for us, and their families lose loved ones. We often take all those people for granted and that’s just not fair.

4 Fire Fighters Fire fighters risk their lives for us everyday. According to On 9/11, 343 fire fighters died. According to 4,325 fire fighters get injured every year just because of their job. Fire fighters save not just humans but also animals. They save cats from trees, dogs from fires, and

5 Police Officers A lot of people risk their lives to help others, like police officers risk their lives for us. According to, about 60 police officers died on 9/11 in New York City. Mr. Rodrigez, an officer on the Upper East Side says, “I worry in the morning that I might get injured or worse that day but you get used to it.” He also feels that it’s scary to have this job because you never know what’s going to happen to yourself or your friends.

6 Construction Workers Construction is a very dangerous job. According to 4,609 people die each year because of construction. And just think of all the years gone by, that’s a lot of people dying just so more people can go places and have more places to live. The Freedom Tower is about 1,776 feet (541 meters) high, imagine one of the construction workers working up there and something goes a little wrong and they fall because it’s so unsafe. He/she could die. Imagine their family, they wouldn’t be able to see the person because when something like that happens the body is not allowed to be shown. That’s just sad to think those things happen right now. `` The Freedom Tower construction in New York City Second Avenue subway construction

7 Taxi drivers Taxi drivers risk their lives everyday for us because they don’t know who is going to get into their car. Also, they don’t know what that person will do. It could be a dangerous person. Also, did you know that in Manhattan most car accidents are with taxi cabs so a lot of people are getting hurt this way. Adama Kanissoko, a New York City taxi driver, says his job can be terrifying at times because he doesn’t know these people. Being a taxi driver is a dangerous job.

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