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Varieties of English.

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1 Varieties of English

2 Social Group Region Types of Variation Field of Discourse Attitude Medium

3 Geographical Dispersion
Regional Variation Dialects Geographical Dispersion e.g. The Germanic Dialect So distinct that we regard them as different languages Dutch Swedish English German

4 Social Variation Uneducated Educated Non-Standard regional dialect
Standard English British American

5 National Standards of English
British American Grammatically Lexically

6 Other National Standards
Irish English Scots English ‘Lallans’ Scots Other National Standards Canadian English New Zealand English South African English Australian English

7 Received Pronunciation (RP)
and Standard English Received Pronunciation (RP) BrE AmE Non-regional Prestigious Vocabulary Orthography Grammar

8 Manner of speaking related to the situation and /or context
Varieties according to Field of discourse Medium Written English Spoken English Manner of speaking related to the situation and /or context Stress Explicit Rhythm e.g. Law, cookering Intonation

9 Varieties according to
Relatively stiff Polite Formal Impersonal Cold Attitude Relatively relaxed Informal Casual Friendly Warm

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