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Sam Bechtel Tech and Assess of HES course POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD)

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1 Sam Bechtel Tech and Assess of HES course POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD)

2  Is a psychiatric condition following the experience of a life-threatening event. WHAT IS IT?

3  Military Combat  Natural Disasters  Assault  Incidents  Accidents  Hospitalizations for the treatment following life- threatening diseases EXAMPLES

4  When someone suffers an episode they can experience all different symptoms.  Some of which include relieving trauma in some way such as :  Relieving trauma  Staying away from people or things that remind them of the trauma  Feelings of startling easily PTSD EPISODE

5  Symptoms have to be ongoing for at least for one month in order to be considered PTSD symptoms DIAGNOSIS

6  Extreme Fears  Isolation  Suicide  Depression ISSUES ASSOCIATED W/PTSD

7  7.8% of Americans will experience PTSD some point in their lives.  Women are twice as likely as men to experience it  3.6% of U.S. adults ages 18-54 have PTSD in a given year, 5.2 million people.  30% of people who experience war time experience PTSD. HOW COMMON?

8  Nebraska Department of Veteran Affairs.  Symptoms, treatment, and self help/Melinda Smith M.A. & Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. December 2014 Symptoms, treatment, and self help OVERVIEW OF PTSD

9  Gulit, blame, shame  Irritiablity and agression  Substance abuse  Depression/hoplessness  Alienated and alone  Physical aches and pains  Mistrust or betrayal feelings SYMPTOMS IN ADULTS

10  Separation Anxiety  Skill loss  Flashback nightmares  Aches and Pains-no cause  Irritability and aggression  New phobias and anxieties SYMPTOMS IN CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS

11  Seeking help right away if you suspect someone or yourself may be suffering from PTSD  PTSD symptoms can change family life  Symptoms can be related to other health issues/concerns SEEK HELP

12  Medication  Family Therapy  Trauma-Focused Behavioral Therapy  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  Treatment for PTSD Treatment for PTSD TREATMENT OPTIONS

13  Reaching out to others for support  It’s a process ongoing, healing won’t happen overnight  Avoid alcohol and drugs  Knowing your not alone  Seeking help is a sign of strength not weakness  Challenge your sense of helplessness HEALING PROCESS

14  Learn about PTSD-self-educate  Join a PTSD support Group  Confide in a person you trust  Avoid alcohol and drugs  Exercise  Practice relaxation methods SUGGESTIONS

15  Millions are sufferers just in the U.S.  Coming to get support for yourself or another is strength, never weakness  PTSD suffering PTSD suffering YOUR NEVER ALONE AS A SUFFERER

16  Treatment is vital in the healing process to overcome any further damage already mentally occurring. IMPORTANCE OF TREATMENT

17  Earlier traumatic experiences  Family History  Substance Abuse  Depression, anxiety, or another mental illness  High levels of stress in everyday life  Lack of coping and support following trauma RISK FACTORS

18  Normal responses to trauma can lead to PTSD  After a traumatic event the body and mind are in shock  Psychological mind stress and fears PTSD VS. NORMAL RESPONSE TO TRAUMA

19  Take time to give your mind a rest, literately  Avoid technology and strain on the eyes  Avoiding alcohol and drugs  Getting plenty of sleep  Find ways to blow off steam, such as exercising or talking with someone you trust COPING WITH SYMPTOMS

20  Counseling Center on College Campuses  Military Base Counseling Centers  Hospitals  Hotline number PTSD, WHERE TO GET HELP

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