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Problem Solving and Estimation with Word Problems Review

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1 Problem Solving and Estimation with Word Problems Review
SOL 6.7 and 6.8

2 Directions After carefully reading each word problem, decide whether you need to estimate or find the exact answer. Choose the correct operation, solve for the answer, and check to see if your answer makes sense. Good Luck!

3 1. Kelsey wants to buy a new TV for her family. The TV costs $475, Kelsey has $210 in her savings account and $60 cash. Which is the best estimate for how much more money she needs in order to buy the TV? A $200 B $250 C $300 D $400

4 2. Jose wants to purchase 3 CDs for $14.99 each, a shirt for $9.59, and a cap for $ What is a reasonable amount of money, before tax, that Jose can expect to spend? A $30 B $37 C $50 D $67

5 3. You have $350 to buy clothes you need for school. You want to buy a coat for $79.95, gloves for $10.55, a hat for $7.98, two pairs of pants for $29.95 each, three shirts for $9.95 each, and a pair of shoes for $ The sales tax is 4.5%. By estimating, you have: A more money than you need. B about the right amount of money. C less money than you need. D not enough information is given to solve the problem.

6 4. Walker makes $7.10 per hour. Every week he works about 10 hours. About how many weeks does he need to work to make $350? A 3 weeks B 5 weeks C 7 weeks D 9 weeks

7 5. You went shopping with $20. You bought a notebook for $3.70, 3 pencils for 30¢ each, and a drink, fries, and burger for $2.20. Estimate the amount of money you had left. A about $7 B about $13 C about $15 D about $18

8 6. Each bookcase in Brianna’s bookstore holds 219 books. About how many books do 38 bookcases hold? A 6,000 books B 8,000 books C 9,000 books D 12,000 books

9 7. If a family’s monthly take-home income is $2000, how much of this total money is allocated to recreation and savings together? A $30 B $100 C $200 D $300 Category Part Allocated  Food Housing 0.25 Clothing 0.20 Travel Recreation Savings 0.10

10 8. Use the menu for the question below. Brandy and 3 of her friends went to their favorite pizza parlor, Angelina's. They ordered a 2 topping pizza and a cheese pizza. Each girl ordered a drink. What was the total cost of their dinner, not including tax? A $12.98 B $14.27 C $16.85 D $18.14 Angelina’s Cheese Pizza $5.99 Pizza with 1 topping $6.49 Pizza with 2 toppings $6.99 Pizza with 3 toppings $7.49 Supreme (5 or more toppings) $8.49 Drinks $1.29

11 9. Secily wants 2 pairs of glasses that cost $65.89 a pair. When she buys them, she gets $9.00 off the price of the second pair. What will Secily pay for the 2 pairs of glasses? A $113.78 B $121.78 C $122.78 D $131.78

12 10. Mrs. Jones is going shopping for new clothes. She has $85.00 to spend. She wants to buy a blouse for $19.56, pants for $23.67 and shoes for $ All the prices include tax. How much money does she have left after she pays for the 3 items? A $16.32 B $17.32 C $18.32 D $19.32

13 11. Steven went shopping for a gift for his mother's birthday. He paid $16.95 for a sweater and $1.15 for a card. How much change will Steven receive if he pays with a twenty-dollar bill? A $0.40 B $0.80 C $1.20 D $1.90

14 12. LUNCH MENU Sandwiches Hotdog $1.70 Hamburger $3.25 Cheeseburger $3.50 Side Orders Chips $0.60 Fries $1.10 Salad $1.60 Drinks Small $0.65 Medium $0.90 Large $1.15 Using this menu, how much will a lunch of a hamburger, chips, and a medium drink cost? A $4.50 B $4.75 C $4.95 D $5.00

15 13. Justin earns $5.85 an hour. Last week he worked hours. Which is the best estimate of how much he earned? A $70 B $90 C $150 D $900

16 James’s Weekend Activities
14. Which estimate is closest to the total amount of time James spends on weekend activities? A 10 hours B 6 hours C 3 hours D 1 hours James’s Weekend Activities Activity Hours Cleaning bedroom Washing dishes Doing homework Cleaning bathroom Folding Laundry 1 2/3 1/4 2 3/4 1/3 1/2

17 15. A bicycle shop has eight bikes that sell for $ each. Which is the closest to the total cost of all the bikes? A $300 B $800 C $2,000 D $2,400

18 16. Sarah went shopping for three birthday gifts. These are the items she bought. Which is the best estimate of how much she spent for the three gifts? A about $60 B about $70 C about $80 D about $90 $ 17 $ 38 $ 13

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