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SAME-SEX COUPLES. What does it mean to be in a same- sex couple? A same-sex relationship can take one of many forms, from romantic and sexual, to non-romantic.

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3 What does it mean to be in a same- sex couple? A same-sex relationship can take one of many forms, from romantic and sexual, to non-romantic close relationships between two persons of the same gender.


5 STATISTICS 62% of all Australians, 72% of Australians with children, 48% of Liberal voters and 74% of Labor voters believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. 55% of Australian same-sex couples would marry if they had the choice and 80% support that choice. Same-sex couples can marry in other countries including Canada, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, Argentina, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as several US states.

6 Major American and Australian psychological associations have found that same-sex relationships are as stable and committed as opposite-sex relationships and children are not disadvantaged by being raised by same-sex couples. 15% of male same-sex couples and 25% of female same- sex couples are raising children.

7 Dr. Lynne Hillier – La Trobe University states an increase of those 14-21 years opening up to having attraction to the same sex 1 in 5 wouldn't have told anyone and this increased in the third National survey to 1 in 40

8 Same-Sex Couples Inequalities Marriage- illegal for same sex-couples to marry in Australia Marriage is the most important way of celebrating love and commitment in society Same- sex partners love each other and make the same sacrifices as all couples do yet it is still illegal for same-sex couples to marry. Same-sex couples do not have legal equality like those in a married relationship. Same-sex couples are recognised as a de- facto relationship

9 Same-Sex Couples Inequalities Gay’s in school Children should have the same opportunity as other children to enjoy and have the opportunity to learn and receive an education. Inequality faced is the attitudes of the school community in accepting students for their sexuality in which students may bully and harass them affecting them mentally and psychologically. This can also affect the their families whereby their may be a lack of communication and honestly from teachers and principals to parents in their suspicion of change in the student.

10 What is being addressed about the issue? Article: Gay marriage urged at Sydney Mardi Gras 7 March 2011 gay-marriage-urged-at-sydney-mardi-gras.htm gay-marriage-urged-at-sydney-mardi-gras.htm Sunday Morning Herald Article: Should same-sex marriage be legalised? March 1 2011 samesex-marriage-be-legalised-20110228- 1bazi.html

11 Consequences if existing inequalities maintain Couples will feel suppressed and discarded An increase in rallies and protests to support and favour same-sex marriages and rights to adopt Even though there is an increase in individuals coming out, there will still be those who will struggle if it is not supported in society and the law.


13 Ways to reduce inequality Anti-discrimination legislation Legislation won’t necessarily stop discrimination, but for those who suffer discrimination they would be able to access legal recourse and it would send a clear message to the community that discrimination against people on the basis of sexuality and gender identity is not acceptable in Australia. A national galaxy poll commissioned by Australian Coalition for Equality in 2009 showed that 85% of Australians supported the Federal Government implementing anti-discrimination legislation for sexuality and gender identity. It is time the government recognised the community’s support and implemented anti- discrimination legislation.

14 Affirmative Action Being active with the gay community and embracing students sexualities as part of who they are - all ages is schools and universities. Australian Marriage Equality – Regular polls to show the ever growing support of same-sex marriage

15 Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gay (PFLAG) What do we do? We have a number of activities aimed at supporting our members. We: Hold monthly support meetings where we discuss member issues and concerns. Sometimes we have guest speakers who are professionals in their field to discuss topics of interest to the members. Provide a safe, friendly place where participants can talk freely and openly. All our meetings are confidential to the participants. Maintain a library of books, videos, pamphlets, and articles to help educate parents and others on issues of homosexuality. Publish a monthly newsletter and provide an information telephone line. Provide speakers to interested organisations for discussion panels as and when requested.

16 BIBLIOGRAPHY nu.htm nu.htm wp-content/uploads/2010/11/ame- flyerlowres.pdf wp-content/uploads/2010/11/ame- flyerlowres.pdf takingonthefuture.html takingonthefuture.html 381#watchonline 381#watchonline

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