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Title: Newspaper Project Do Now

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1 Title: Newspaper Project Do Now
The thing I love most about summer break is…. I am going to do some important things, they are: I will go on a vacation to…. My favorite thing to do with my free time is…. The thing I will miss most about school is…. Be specific and creative in your writing. You need to make sure that the person who reads it can understand exactly what you mean to say! PAGE #: 46L/46R

2 Today’s Agenda! Clear your desk Sit quietly and wait for directions
Partner Project: Create your own Ancient Civilization Newspaper!

3 Today’s Agenda 2!! Text Features Partner Project Create your own Roman
Times Newspaper

4 Text Features You have learned about all the different features of a text that draw attention to readers Different features help the reader understand more about the text Can anyone remember some of the text features you learned about? Title, heading, sub-heading, caption, graphics, etc.

5 Text Features Can you imagine trying to read a newspaper with no headlines, pictures, captions, or various font size?? Text aids and features organize details in a text and highlight important information, including the writer’s main ideas. You already know how to identify these, but I’m going to quickly review each one that you will need today.

6 Text Features in a Newspaper
Title/Heading: name of article; in large, bold font Newspaper heading Article Title

7 Text Features in a Newspaper
Sub-Heading: contains information related to the heading, but is a mini-topic related to the main title. Sub-heading

8 Text Features in a Newspaper
Graphs and Pictures: help us understand a text, breaks up the text, and brings attention to a text Picture Graph

9 Text Features in a Newspaper
Captions: phrases, sentences, or short paragraphs describing photos or charts. Photo captions are usually placed directly above, below, or to the side of the pictures they describe Caption

10 Text Features in a Newspaper
Bold and Italicized Font: signal words or lists that we, as readers, should pay attention to. Bold Font Bold Font Bold Font Bold Font

11 Can You Come Up With Your Own?
Use what you have learned and know about text features in newspapers With a partner you will have an opportunity to create your own newspaper with articles (yes, you have to write), pictures, captions, headings, sub-headings, various font sizes!

12 Project Requirements Choose one section for Rome
Pick the sections you want to include in your newspaper Design your newspaper with the appropriate headings, pictures Write your articles as neatly as possible Use pictures or graphics from online websites from my links to make your newspaper pop! is a great one!

13 Project Requirements You will receive a handout with specific instructions on one side On the other is a planning sheet to help you figure out the articles you will include in your newspaper You have the entire period to finish this! The handouts are the brainstorming ideas for their newspaper and a hard copy of the newspaper template

14 Newspaper Examples I have some articles for you to look at
You can see how detailed my articles are, the sections I chose and how there is no white space I have included some “want” ads like most newspapers Also, notice how I included ALL the various text features that were required! You can also look at the Los Angeles Times examples I have  I have examples of newspaper articles so they can see the format and how to include pictures

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