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NorthWest Arkansas Community College Evelyn E. Jorgenson. Ph.D. President.

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1 NorthWest Arkansas Community College Evelyn E. Jorgenson. Ph.D. President

2 Page  2 Mission & Vision Mission NorthWest Arkansas Community College is a comprehensive, public two-year college that serves and strengthens the community through learning for living. Vision NorthWest Arkansas Community College is committed to being a nationally recognized two-year comprehensive institution that excels in providing education in a learning- centered environment.

3 Page  3 Summary of Students Served Academic Year 2012-2013 Credit Students, Unduplicated Headcount12,140 Corporate Education4,299 Adult Education3,134 Personal & Professional Education247 Grand Total, AY 12-1319,820

4 Page  4 Workforce Development COMPOPEN2013 JOBS AG SCIENCE230802,604 ARCHITECTURE7433587 COMMUNICATIONS254122882 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1201,06616,288 COSMETOLOGY / NAIL /CARE24344850 CULINARY ARTS 191672,513 EDUCATION5451,38924,057 ENGINEERING3883515,205 ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY302741,342 LITERATURE2081892,601 CONSUMER SCIENCE1934014,977 LEGAL1611292,437 LIBERAL ARTS5101712,464 LIFE SCIENCE23448671 MATH5022234 RECREATION MGT / SCIENCE227821,466 PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION801812,675 PHYSICAL SCIENCES1392213,000 PROTECTIVE SERVICES178651,662 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION694046,814 SOCIAL SCIENCES44423315 SKILLED TRADES 871,07016,346 ARTS2401051,037 HEALTHCARE9501,60823,891 BUSINESS1,5064,87965,795 History, General9302 TOTALS754412924190,715 JOB OPENINGS & COMPLETERS *Job Openings In NWA MSA Prepared By Northwest Arkansas Council

5 Page  5 “Attainers” Who Remain & Work in Arkansas “RECENT ATTAINERS” 20072008200920102011 Technical Certificate # of Individuals1,4891,6151,7432,0642,326 % in AR after 1 year83%82%80% 81% Some College # of Individuals23,84624,80525,11629,19933,457 % in AR after 1 year57%56% 58%60% Associate’s Degree # of Individuals3,4313,3134,1094,8857,043 % in AR after 1 year76%75%77% 75% Bachelor’s Degree # of Individuals10,98210,97211,45112,61414,568 % in AR after 1 year62% Master’s Degree # of Individuals2,9513,2913,5194,0705,116 % in AR after 1 year68%67%70% 69% Post Master’s Certificate # of Individuals4360697292 % in AR after 1 year67%80%81%74%77% Doctoral 1st Professional Degree # of Individuals498485506585579 % in AR after 1 year61%60% 61%59% Doctor’s Degree – Research (PhD) # of Individuals223234298233254 % in AR after 1 year53%41%47%48%49% * Arkansas Education To Employment Report 2013

6 Page  6 IMPACT OF NWACC TRAINING PROGRAMS For Fiscal Year 2013-2014, NWACC:  Delivered 22 courses with 639 people trained throughout the U.S. for ICPS.  Served 64 unique organizations in NW Arkansas.  Secured in excess of 450 contracts for training.  Delivered training to 3,200 individuals through contract training.*  Successfully trained over 270 people through the ARK Grant.  Certified Retail Analyst program grew by 24%.  Over 87% of Certified Retail Analysts graduates were placed after graduation.  Over 150 students were served in Building Sciences.  Over 320 students served in Personal & Professional Development. *Does not count Ed2Go training

7 Page  7 OUR VALUED PARTNERS Tyson Foods Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Computer Training Leadership Training Walmart Leadership Training Glad Manufacturing Leadership Training VA Hospital Computer Training Team Building Pinnacle Foods Lean Six Sigma Training Sam’s Club Computer Training Central States Manufacturing Computer Training Superior Industries Lean Six Sigma Training Pre-Formed Products Computer Training

8 Page  8 Transfer Credit Degrees Offered Associate of Science Degree Associate of Arts Degree Career & Technical Degrees Offered Associate of Applied Science in:  Business Management  Computer Information Systems  Graphic Design  Criminal Justice  Paralegal  Early Childhood Education  Environmental Management  Fire Science  Physical Therapy Assistant  Respiratory Therapy  Nursing  Health information Management  Culinary & Hospitality Management NorthWest Arkansas Community College offers transfer degrees and career and technical degrees, plus workforce development and building science courses. Degrees Offered

9 Page  9 NWACC WORKFORCE TRAINING PROGRAMS  Contract Training – Customized training programs to meet the needs of business and industry. Programs include but are not limited to: Lean Six Sigma Training; Achieve Global® Leadership Training; Continuous Improvement; Excelling in the Workplace; Project Management; Leadership and Supervisor Training  Personal & Professional Development – Training programs to increase the skill level of individuals. Some examples of these programs include: Microsoft® Certified Training Courses; Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) courses; Advanced Excel® classes; Medical Coding & Billing classes  Certified Retail Analyst Program – A unique program designed to meet the needs of Walmart and the vendor community. Courses are designed to provide students with the skills to enter the workforce as an analyst. This program has an 87% placement rate.  Building Sciences – State accredited apprenticeship programs in electrical and plumbing. In addition, a program is offered in HVAC. The plumbing program has grown almost 100% in two years.  Institute for Corporate & Public Safety (ICPS) – ICPS is funded through a grant with the Department of Homeland Security. Fatality Planning for Rural Communities is an example of a course developed and delivered by ICPS.

10 Page  10 Questions?

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