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Scatter Plots – Age and Reaction Time

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1 Scatter Plots – Age and Reaction Time
By: Heather, Robyn & Ryan

Digital Resource 1 LtJVE

3 Overview Declarative and procedural knowledge. Defining the Key terms.
Why do we use scatter plots? Time for you to create a scatter plot. Using a scatter plot to make predictions. Quick quiz Mathematical worth of additional three digital resources.

4 Declarative & Procedural Knowledge
Declarative Knowledge Procedural Knowledge Key terms:- scatter plot (scatter diagram), line of best fit, trend line, positive and negative relationship/correlation; Bivariate data; Appropriate use of graphs and how to apply this learning. How to read and interpret the various patterns and variables of a scatter plot.   Identify scatter plot trends and make predictions Identify uses for scatter plots. Create a scatter plot. Interpret authentic data to draw conclusions.  Analyse data and recognise patterns.

5 Definitions Scatter Diagram – A graph of plotted points that show the relationship between two sets of data. Correlation – When the two sets of data are linked together; Co (meaning ‘together’), and Relation. You will also see the words, Relationship and association.

6 Definitions Positive Correlation – When the values increase together.
Negative Correlation – When one values decrease and the other increases. No Correlation - Where a change in one set of data has no effect on the other set.

7 Definitions Line of best fit – To find the direction of a correlation between two variables. Trend line - A line on a graph indicating a statistical trend

8 Definitions Bivariate data - a set up of data made up of two variables. For example, comparing height to weight or age to reaction time.

9 Scatter Plot Data: Age Reaction Time 18 0.43 22 28 0.45 32 38 0.46 42
48 0.47 52 58 0.48 62 0.50 68 0.52

10 Age vs. Braking reaction time (Stopping a car)

11 Age vs. Braking reaction time (Stopping a car)

12 What Relationship is this?
Does the increase in temperature impact sunscreen sales? What do you think this scatter plot would look like?

13 What Relationship is this?
If the price of bananas increase does this effect the amount of bananas sold? What would this scatter plot relationship look like?

14 What Relationship is this?
If we plotted how old you are, and the results you got for your maths test, what correlation is there?

15 Visit our wiki to find out more
Thank you

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