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International Programs Office Opportunities to Study Abroad Kozue Isozaki

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1 International Programs Office Opportunities to Study Abroad Kozue Isozaki

2 Student Voice Personal Experience: Emily Menges Keyante Baker-Hairston Like I said, it was a great experience and I don't think anyone should pass it up” – Ryan Mulcrone “My studies of sustainable development, emerging economies and alternative business modeling has helped me to gain important new perspectives that have shaped my growth, both personally and professionally”-Michael Bowen

3 Why Study Abroad?

4 Short Term Study Abroad Freshman Global Lab May class that will earn credit for BUSMHR 2000 (IB core class) Travel to Italy and Ireland No tuition! FisherDirect students only

5 Summer Internships International Internship Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong Earn Fisher course credit and unpaid work abroad 8 weeks (2weeks of class, 6 weeks of work in-country) Can do between Sophomore & Junior year or Junior & Senior year

6 Long Term Study Abroad (Exchange Program) International Student Exchange Semester long exchange Over 20 partner institutions in Asia, South America, Europe, etc. Earn OSU credit abroad $150 application fee + Your regular OSU tuition for a semester abroad Language proficiency not required - most classes offered in English

7 Exchange Locations Australia Brazil Chile China Denmark England France Germany Italy Japan Mexico The Netherlands Thailand Singapore Red= Open for 2013-14 academic year

8 Resources Student walk-in hours: International Summer Internships Monday from 11 am -1 pm Exchange Tuesday from 2-4 pm Wednesday 4-5 pm Thursday 1-4 pm Exchange General Info Session Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm Thursday 11:30 am -12:30 pm International Programs Office WebpageInternational Programs Office Webpage International Programs Office Facebook PageInternational Programs Office Facebook Page

9 Study Abroad Scholarship Office of Diversity Inclusion- Education Abroad Program Average Scholarship: ~$2,000 2 page letter of intent, ODI form, Faculty reference letter, minimum 3.0 GPA Program Enrollment Confirmation Letter from the International Programs Office/CIBER Other Scholarships Fisher Exchange Travel Grants Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarships Office of International Affairs Scholarships

10 Go Global with Fisher! 2012-2013 Green Business: Costa Rica Spring Semester Travel: March 9-16, 2013 Application Due: October 15, 2012 Summer Internship Programs Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand Travel: 8 weeks, Summer 2013 Application Due: January 7, 2013 International Student Exchange 10 countries to choose from! 2013-2014 Academic Year Application Due: December 31, 2012 Export Internship Program Spring Semester Internship: May 13-August 8, 2013 Application Due: September 30, 2012 Haiti Empowerment Project Spring Break Travel: March 9-17, 2013 Application Due: October 1, 2012 CLOSED Freshman Global Lab: Ireland and Italy Spring Semester Travel: 3 Weeks - May 2013 Application Due: February 1, 2013

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