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Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere

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1 Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere
Chapter 4 - Section 2 Pgs

2 Energy from the Sun Most of the Earth’s energy comes from the sun
35% is reflected back into space 15% is absorbed by the atmosphere 50 % is absorbed by the earth’s surface

3 Heat energy that flows from an object with a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature

4 Heat Heat always moves from a warmer place to a cooler place.
Hot objects in a cooler room will cool to room temperature. Cold objects in a warmer room will heat up to room temperature.

5 Question? If a cup of coffee and a red popsicle were left on the table in this room what would happen to them? Why?

6 Answer The cup of coffee will cool until it reaches room temperature. The popsicle will melt and then the liquid will warm to room temperature.

7 Heat Transfer The Earth is heated by energy from the sun
This heat is then transferred through the atmosphere by radiation, conduction or convection

8 Radiation energy transferred in the form of waves or rays

9 Conduction The transfer of heat that occurs when molecules bump into each other Energy transferred through direct contact

10 Convection Transfer of heat by the flow of material
Convection circulates heat throughout the atmosphere

11 Example

12 The Water Cycle Hydrosphere - all the waters on Earth
The constant cycling of water in the atmosphere and hydrosphere that plays an important role in determining weather patterns and climate types

13 The Water Cycle Evaporation - change of matter from a liquid to a gas state Condensation - change of matter from a gas to a liquid state Precipitation - rain, snow, sleet or hail that falls to the ground Transpiration - giving off of moisture through the surface of leaves or other plant parts Groundwater- water that collects and flows under ground Runoff- water that runs along the surface of land into a body of water

14 The Water Cycle Adding or subtracting heat keeps the cycle going

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