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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Knee Arthritis

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1 Minimally Invasive Surgery for Knee Arthritis
…could partial knee replacement resolve your activity limiting knee pain?

2 Arthritis in our society…
Approximately 70 million people in the US are affected with arthritis. 50% of people with arthritis are over 65 years and 50% are under 65 years. Often initiated by trauma at a younger age and results from natural aging

3 Current medical treatments do not cure arthritis, arthritis is a progressive condition with recurring pain Arthritis

4 Symptoms of Knee Arthritis
Knee pain while standing or walking a short distance Knee “locking” or “giving out” Persistent swelling of the knee Reduced motion

5 The knee joint works similar to a hinge on a lid.
…gliding open smoothly without sound or effort.

6 Arthritis is like the rust on this hinge
Arthritis is like the rust on this hinge. It prevents the hinge from operating smoothly, often creaking as it is opened.

7 Pain and Activity Limiting Arthritis
… When you’re accustomed to taking care of yourself, and doing things you want when you want, it’s depressing to slowly become immobilized by pain.

8 Primary Care (family) Doctor Treatments
Lifestyle Adjustments Exercise, Diet, Physical Therapy Dietary Supplements Glucosamine & Chondroitin Anti-inflammatory Medications Over-The-Counter Tylenol® / Motrin® Prescription Celebrex / Vioxx

9 When you no longer receive pain relief from conservative treatments…
Referral …your Primary Care (family) doctor refers you to a qualified Orthopaedic specialist for continued treatment.

10 One Step Ahead of Arthritis Pain
Orthopaedic specialists offer injection therapy and surgical treatment options to help maintain a high quality of life

11 Continued treatment for your arthritis…
Requires a partnership and diagnosis by your Orthopaedic specialist Can affect all or part of the knee joint Various treatment options exist to resolve advancing arthritis

12 These treatment options include…
Injection Therapy Arthroscopic Surgery Knee Replacement Surgery Total Knee Replacement Minimally Invasive Partial Knee Replacement

13 Injection Therapy Cortisone Injections Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections
Helps reduce arthritic pain for two to three months Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections Restores natural lubrication and fluid in the joint. Acts as a shock absorber between the bones to reduce activity Limiting pain during activity. Aids in reducing arthritis pain for approximately 6 months

14 Arthroscopic Surgery (“arthroscopy”)
Uses a surgical camera to remove damaged soft tissue in the knee Less invasive surgery Recovery usually occurs shortly after surgery Sustained pain relief may vary in patients with osteoarthritis

15 What do I do when activity limiting knee pain returns?
Minimally Invasive Alternative Total Knee Replacement

16 Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement
Appropriate for patients where only one compartment of the knee is affected by arthritis Pain is localized to one side of the knee

17 Why Partial Knee Replacement Surgery?
Resolves arthritis pain affecting only one side of the knee Maintains two-thirds of the natural knee Uses a minimally invasive procedure Reduces blood loss and recovery time Proven procedure with good results in appropriate patients

18 Minimally Invasive Surgery
Surgeon removes the damaged articular cartilage in a single compartment of the knee joint Uses “technically advanced” metal and plastic implants to resurface the damaged compartment and restore pain free motion

19 Potential Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery
A more aesthetic scar Maintains two-thirds of the healthy knee joint for a more natural feeling Potential for reduced hospital stay and less pain medication Improved stability during movement after surgery

20 Patient Testimonials "I wish I could have had the procedure sooner."
“I would have done it 10 years ago instead of the arthroscopy if I could have.” “. . . I said you’re doing so well, and she said, ‘This is great. You should look into it.’ That’s exactly what I did.” “I was given a prescription for pain pills that I could take every four hours, but I didn’t need it!”

21 Thank you Questions?

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