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Comenius Mobile schooling. They are public centres where young people can go to receive information, guidance and job counselling. Their functions are:

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1 Comenius Mobile schooling


3 They are public centres where young people can go to receive information, guidance and job counselling. Their functions are: - giving welcome and training information; - helping you to perform bureaucracy procedures; - guidance and counselling; - promotion of job offers. They work with

4 They offer the same services of Job Counselling Centres but they are private. They may be provided by a Region or a private company.

5 INFORMATION about: - jobs in your area; - regional and national existing training offers; - school and university cycles; - laws and financial resources to set up an enterprise; GUIDANCE to: - discover your skills related to the resouces of your area; - build up your personal training and working project; - choose the studies you would like to do according to the professional opportunities offered to you; JOB COUNSELLING: - tools to develop your capacities following the new market demands; - help to understand laws about indipendent and management jobs.

6 Here is a list of Job Councelling websites where you can: - post your CV; - know more about job offers; - apply for an interview.

7 It is an innovation introduced by the law n°30/03 thanks to which all operators of job market post their own information on the Net in order to let demand and offer meet. It is run out by the Work Minister. At the present, this system works just in 14 regions (Sicily included). It gives all users the possibility to know what the market offers both as professions and available positions.

8 EURES helps workers to cross borders EURES - European Employment Services - is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Economic Area; Switzerland is also involved. Partners in the network include public employment services, trade union and employers' organisations. The network is coordinated by the European Commission. The main objectives of EURES are: - to inform, guide and provide advice to potentially mobile workers on job opportunities as well as living and working conditions in the European Economic Area; - to assist employers wishing to recruit workers from other countries;and - to provide advice and guidance to workers and employers in cross-border regions.

9 Looking for a job in Europe? Then EURES can help! EURES is the European job mobility portal with a network of more than 700 mobility advisers, ready to help you find work across 29 European countries. As a citizen of any of the 25 European Union Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you can look for work in any of these countries. EURES opens up the European jobs market by offering you access to: Hundreds of thousands of job vacancies Information about living and working in another European country Expert advice to answer all your job mobility questions The EURES portal allows you to search for a job, post your CV for employers and EURES advisers to see, and register for email alerts when suitable vacancies are added to the site. You can also access more detailed information and advice via the network of EURES advisers.

10 Find a job On the EURES job portal, you can search for job vacancies in a wide range of occupations and sectors of work, across 29 participating countries. Employers submit job adverts through the EURES network of public employment services in each country. These vacancies are then posted on the EURES portal, which is constantly updated. Search the vacancies using the various options – like type of job, country (or countries), length of contract, qualifications or experience needed, and date of advert – or by using keywords. Save time by creating and storing your most regular searches using the search profile facility in ‘My EURES’. Get in touch with the contact person listed in each vacancy – either a EURES adviser or the employer. Vacancies marked with a blue flag indicate the jobs where employers are especially interested in recruiting candidates from other European countries.

11 Post your CV to potential employers As well as looking for jobs submitted by recruiters, the EURES portal allows you to post your CV online – so employers and EURES advisers can consult it and get in touch with you too. Register for free under ‘My EURES’ to access this service. It allows you to create an online CV – in any EU language – and make it available to potential recruiters who have also registered on the portal. The latest job offers – direct to your inbox Keep up-to-date with the latest job offers by requesting email alerts through ‘My EURES’. You can ask for jobs matching your profile to be delivered direct to your mailbox the same day they are posted. Mobility questions? EURES has the answers! Access practical information on life and the job market in another European country in the ‘Living and working’ section. And you’ll find contact details for EURES experts close to home who can offer more tailored advice – just click on ‘Contact a EURES adviser’.

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