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How Do I say the time in French?

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1 How Do I say the time in French?

2 Standard MLI.IP1 The students exchange simple spoken and written information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. The students: h.   Use sequenced information, such as the alphabet, days of the week, months, seasons, and numbers 0 to 100 in context.

3 How do I use an analogue clock?

4 The Minute Hand The Minute Hand is the longest hand on an analogue clock. The minute hand Starts at 0 minutes when it points at the 12. When the hour hand is on 12, it is 12 o’clock (either Noon or Midnight). Moving the minute hand right means the minutes move up by one minute. With each number between 1-12 count by 5s.

5 The Hour Hand The Hour Hand is the shortest hand and only moves to the next hour after the minute hand has moved from 1 all the way to 12.

6 Knowing the time in French
In French the time is told using this formula: Il est (the number for the hour hand) heures (minutes) .

7 Il est trois heures.

8 Il est trois heures dix

9 The Minute hand after :30 When the minute hand gets to one minute past the 6 (:31) all the way to one minute before the next hour (the 12), this is the formula you use to tell the minutes of time: Il est (the next hour) heures moins (the number of minutes before the next hour).

10 Il est quatre heures moins vingt-cinq.

11 The Quarter Hour The analogue clock can be divided by every 15 minutes. These are easily recognized by counting by 5s giving you the quarter hour (:15, :30 and :45) on the 3,6 and 9.

12 Le quart or quarter hour

13 Half Hour and on the Hour
When saying :30 minutes past the hour(on the 6) in French use this formula: Il est (number on hour hand) heures et demie. When the minute hand is at 12, You’ve started the next hour: Il est (number on hour hand) heures.

14 Midnight and Noon An analogue Clock shows both hands point to the 12 two times a day: Minuit (Midnight) and Midi (Noon) In both cases this is the formula: Il est(insert midi or minuit).

15 AM and PM In French when a person wants to indicate in the morning or afternoon, you say: du matin (in the morning) de l’après midi (in the afternoon)

16 24 Hour clock Anytime a person is in a Business setting or in public, a person may expect or give a time which reflects the 24 hour clock(military time).

17 24 Hour clock To express the 24 hour clock in French (or military time in English), you use the numbers 1-12 for the morning hours. 13-24 hours are used to express afternoon and evening. However for the minute hand, the same rules apply as for 12 hour clock: Before :30 (on the 6) use the French number for the minutes After the 6 (:30), move the hour to the next hour and subtract the minutes. EX: Il est vingt heures moins vingt = It is 7:40 pm.

18 24 Hour clock Il est cinq heures. Il est dix-sept heures.
(It is 5 a.m.) (It is 5 in the afternoon.)

19 It is 3 in the afternoon. It is 2 a. m.
What are the times for these in French? ________________ ________________

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