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INARTE International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics, Inc. Click to show NARTE’s name and slogan. General Greeting Certifying.

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1 iNARTE International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics, Inc. Click to show NARTE’s name and slogan. General Greeting Certifying Excellence

2 About iNARTE Established by industry leaders in 1982 in response to the FCC’s deregulation and encouragement of industry certified personnel. As an objective third party certification body, NARTE developed an evaluation process based on measurable skills and experience. NARTE established industry standards of basic competency and benchmarks for advanced practitioners. In 2007, recognizing our growing international membership, NARTE developed into iNARTE Why? Formed to recognize competent practitioners in the field. How? Establish standards of competency to promote the industry as a whole. The valuation process is based on measurable skills and experience.

3 EMC Certification In 1988, the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) selected NARTE to co-develop a certification program for Electromagnetic Compatibility specialists. A US Navy command mandated NARTE certified personnel for government contract services. As EMC/EMI specialists increased in the private sector, iNARTE EMC certification has become recognized worldwide. Industry recognizes the value of certification. Over the years, industry has exerted a demand for recognition in particular areas of expertise. NARTE has brought its expertise to bear in the evaluation of practitioners in other technical fields. US Navy chose NARTE as an industry yardstick, to develop their EMC/EMI program. They wanted to be able to separate competent practitioners from those who have degrees in the field, but no relevant experience.

4 EMC Certification Without personnel certification, there exists no minimum standard with which to gauge the practicing EMC Engineer/Technician. If you are considering a career in EMC or looking to continue your growth in this field, obtaining certification will provide enhancement to your career. NARTE’s Vision is to be recognized worldwide as a non-profit certification organization which represents a standard of excellence. This vision rests in industry excellence. NARTE’s non-profit, private association status ensures that it is an objective third party evaluation body. Unlike product certifications NARTE upholds our own standards.

5 iNARTE Certification The iNARTE certification program for EMC Engineers/Technicians provides an excellent basis for identifying and endorsing EMC skills to an established standard. It provides, for example: Acknowledgement and matching capabilities among peers. Recognition within the EMC community and their place of work. Means for technical and positional advancement within their organization. FOUR MAJOR COMPONENTS ARE EXAMINED FOR NARTE CERTIFICATION: 1. Experience 2. Education 3. Peer Endorsement/References – Supervisor and peers in the workplace. 4. Examination Most certification programs use only the examination to evaluate candidates. It is this 4 part program that makes NARTE certification unique.

6 Certification Process
PHASE I: The application; The application form and applicable fee. The resume equivalent form or a current resume; Transcripts from colleges and/or Universities; Three references, one supervisory. The development of 10 original multiple choice questions. NARTE will begin to compile an individual’s application as soon as 1 part of the application package is submitted.

7 Certification Process
PHASE II: The application items are compiled and screened at the headquarters office to insure the candidate’s information is complete. When it passes this screening, it is forwarded to the Review Committee for review. NARTE staff will keep in touch with the applicant, letting them know what is needed to complete their file.

8 Certification Process
PHASE III: An examination is randomly generated by computer, applicable to the area requested for certification (Technician or Engineer). The exam is then sent to the Test Center and is proctored on date scheduled. Exams are then returned to iNARTE headquarters for grading. Note: The exam may also be taken prior to or during the application process. Contact NARTE for a list of testing centers, or go online to

9 Taking the EMC Exam 1. Choose Test Center site.
2. Submit Application with Fee. 3. In the USA iNARTE will contact you to coordinate your exam appointment. 4. Overseas your regional iNARTE partner may establish the test schedule Contact NARTE for a list of testing centers, or go online to

10 Exam Format AM Part PM Part
8am till Noon 1pm till 5pm General Fundamentals Technical Areas Answer 40 of 48 Questions* Answer 40 of 48 Questions* *All Multiple Choice/True-False Questions. Separate examination for Techs & Engineers. Open Book – Bring your own references. Computers allowed but no power or internet access is guaranteed. 70 % average needed to pass. The first 40 questions that are answered will be graded. For example: If you answer questions 1 through 44, you will be graded on questions 1 through 40. See “Tips for Taking the NARTE EMC Exam” presentation for more information.

11 Certification Process
PHASE IV: The file is processed and reviewed by the Review Committee. If there is a unanimous agreement that the candidate meets all of the criteria, the applicant is approved and Certified. Certificate is mailed within 2 weeks. If the Committee does not agree; there may be additional information requested from the candidate. Headquarters will contact the individual by mail if more information is required for certification.

12 iNARTE Benefits Without question, the most valuable and tangible benefit of being an iNARTE certified Engineer and/or Technician is the certification itself. It speaks of competence, training, expertise, professional conduct and ethical practices. It is a pedigree of distinction recognized by many employers as proof of ability; a differentiate for the “can doers” versus the “say they can’s”. In many corporate environments, it is a criteria for hiring, promotion and salary advancement.

13 iNARTE Benefits Other Benefits of iNARTE Membership/Certification include: iNARTE Chapters The NARTE News Publication Networking with fellow professionals and the iNARTE Member Directory iNARTE Credit Card Discounts on Rental Cars, Publications Free On-Line Consultant Listing Free Employment Services

14 EMC Careers EMC careers can be found in all aspects of electrical and electronic fields. Careers in EMC provide ample growth for individuals technically and financially. Individuals with motivation and initiative will find rapid advancement and growth in the field of EMC. EMC Engineers play a large role in the design of EMC, hardening techniques into current products and analysis of EMC for these products. EMC Technicians provide a major role in EMC test laboratories and field service relating to EMC.

15 Certification’s Value
To the Certified Individual iNARTE Certification represents career performance excellence. Provides credentials in specific areas of expertise based on recognized standards. iNARTE Certification has been recognized as proof of professional competence in many US Courts. The US Government and more than 500 US companies, including telephone companies, public utilities, railroads and state municipalities value iNARTE certification to the extent of reimbursing certification fees.

16 Certification’s Value
To the Employer iNARTE Certification assures the employer a measurable level of expertise and quality of work. Certification levels provide incentive for achievement to employees. Provides a demonstrable benchmark to which organizations can train and evaluate their technical staff. Certification fosters industry growth by demanding standards of technical excellence. Organizations fostering iNARTE’s reputable certification enjoy an enhanced public image. Employers trust NARTE’s credentialing of individuals Backs up degree.

17 iNARTE certification - an industry proven career credential.
International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics, Inc. iNARTE certification - an industry proven career credential. For More Information... iNARTE, Inc. 167 Village Street, Medway, MA PH (508) NARTE

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