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Android Wentworth Institute of Technology Elec101 07/08 Douglas A. Arevalo-Santos.

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1 Android Wentworth Institute of Technology Elec101 07/08 Douglas A. Arevalo-Santos

2 Why did I chose Android?  Android interests me because of it being open source. It makes everything a lot easier to do.  Getting apps, music, customizing it, overclocking, under clocking, updating and a lot more.  I’ve had an Android phone since 2008.

3 What is Android?  A mobile operating system  A software stack  Has key applications  Has middleware  Has a Linux kernel  11 million lines of code, the whole program takes up only 200 megabytes of space

4 Android and its features!  Camera  GPS  Compass  Bluetooth  Accelerometer  Dalvik virtual machine  Media Support  Wi-Fi  Edge, 3G, & 4G  Optimized Graphics

5 Co-Founder of Android  Andy Rubin is a technology pioneer, co- founder and CEO of Android Inc.  Andy Rubin is also the Vice President of the mobile department in Google.  At Google Andy Rubin watches over the development of the Android.

6 It Lives!  Android was created in 2005 (just software)  2008, when the first Google Android based was released. Known as the G1 and T-Mobile was the carrier.

7 Haters!  Apple is Android’s biggest competition in the market and in personal ways.  Rubin worked at Apple from 1989 to 1992, the years when Apple was losing its edge to Microsoft.  "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40bn in the bank, to right this wrong," "I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this.“ – Steve Jobs

8 Belief Behind Android  Rubin believes that Android being an open-source project gives Google an advantage over rivals selling closed systems,  Apple as an example, also operates its own online stores and their tight control enables it to deliver an exceptionally smooth user experience, where everything works seamlessly together.  The android model is messier, but by putting Android into so many hands at so many companies, Rubin believes he has created an accelerated form of evolution, where the species diversifies and improves at hyper speed.

9 The Applications Android brings  The Android operating system will ship with some specific core applications. Theses applications are…  Email  SMS program  Calendar  Maps  Browser  contacts

10 Android’s Applications  All Android applications are written using the Java programing language.  It’s an open development platform so innovative applications can be created.  Their extension is “.apk” Applications could take advantage of…  device hardware  Location info  Running in the background  Set alarms  Add notifications  control cpu usage

11 Android Versions  The versions of Android are released and named in alphabetical order starting from the letter “C”.  Cupcake 1.5 (released May 2009)  Doughnut 2.0 (released June 2009)  Éclair 2.1 (released January 2010)  Froyo 2.2 (released June 2010)  Gingerbread 2.3 (released December 2010)  Honeycomb (only for Android tablets) 3.0 (released September 2011)  Ice Cream Sandwich (November 2011)

12 Android Version Logos

13 The “pure” Google phones  “Pure” would mean the Android OS or User Interface has not modified by manufactures. There are currently only three “pure” Google phones.  Nexus One (January 2010)  Nexus S (released December 2010)  Galaxy Nexus ( Released November 2011)

14 “Pure” Google Phones

15 Mobile Phone Manufacturers that implement Android OS.  Samsung  Sony Ericsson  HTC  Motorola  LG

16 Android’s Competition  Windows Phone 7  Apple  RIM (Blackberry)

17 Thanks for your attention!  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?

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