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Shelby Herstine, Fillie Landi, Mike LeBus

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1 Shelby Herstine, Fillie Landi, Mike LeBus
Fragile X Syndrome Shelby Herstine, Fillie Landi, Mike LeBus

2 What is Fragile X Syndrome?
Fragile X syndrome is a disease that causes mental retardation and other physical and mental issues.

3 What causes Fragile X? Fragile X is caused by a change in the FMR1 gene on the X Chromosome. This inherited defect causes the production of little to none of the FMRP protein which helps your brain to grow.

4 How do you know when someone has Fragile X?
The signs and symptoms are the same as most mental retardations. Behavioral Delay in crawling, walking, and twisting Hand clapping/biting Hyperactivity Speech and language delay Avoidance of eye contact Physical Flat feet Flexible joints Low muscle tone Large body size Large forehead Prominent jaw Long face Soft skin

5 How can Fragile X be diagnosed?
Since 1991 there has been DNA testing that can be done before or after birth to see if the child carries the Fragile X gene. Though it is not possible to tell if the child will be effected and actually have Fragile X until the child begins to grow up.

6 What are cures or treatments for Fragile X?
There is no cure for Fragile X and there is not one single treatment for the disease. There are however treatments for the symptoms of Fragile X to help minimize the conditions and try and have the child live a normal healthy life. Children with Fragile X will receive special education, and behavioral and physical therapy.

7 How long will someone with Fragile X live?
Children with Fragile X syndrome will most likely live a normal lifespan. People cannot die from Fragile X itself although it may cause seizures, heart murmurs, and increases the risk for chrome inner ear infections.

8 Does Fragile X favor males or females?
Fragile X is more commonly occurring in males. 1 in 3600 males will have this disease while only 1 in females will. 15% of effected males will develop seizures while only 5% of effected females will.

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