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eFueloil information systems Applications Prof. Dr.Mohamed El-Azab

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1 eFueloil information systems Applications Prof. Dr.Mohamed El-Azab

2 Objective To help the management to take better & faster decisions. The key requirement was to provide necessary & reliable information at the Desktop PCs of the management.

3 Challenges Come up with a detailed Road Map for: integrating the Production Information System implementation of the same with the help of different vendors after consultation approval by the client Management.

4 Preparation of the plan A basic understanding of the Production processes, Understanding of various reports requirements by the management, Deciding the final report formats after Studying the existing reports, Deciding the information flow architecture;listing the various software as well as hardware requirements, Suggesting possible vendors,who can supply such hardware and software,

5 Preparation of the plan Listing down the vendors who can perform the job under TCS supervision in consultation with the client management, Finally Integrating the Production Information Management System (PIMS) with the ERP system of the organization.

6 Example:1 Business Requirement The Company needed a system to keep track of their transactions with customers and vendors and to facilitate the day-today working of the company. At the same time, the company wanted the system to be available at their remote office locations.

7 Example:1 Solution The purchases are stored in the "Trading" module and the company gets "inquiries" for fuel purchase from its customers. This information is maintained in the "Marketing" module. The "Operations" and "Terminal ling" modules handle the actual transfer of the fuel for both purchases and sales. The "Invoicing" and "Collection" modules take care of the generation of invoices to customers and keeping track of the payments. The "Accounting" module manages the Accounts Payable.

8 Example:1 Technology The technologies used are Visual Basic 6.0 for the front end, Visual Basic 6.0, DCOM and MTS 2.0 for the middle tier and Oracle 8.1.5 as the database. The solution is implemented on Windows 98(client) and Windows NT 4.0 platform. The team size was five and the effort estimate of the project was 60 man-months.

9 Example:2 Business Requirement develop an online auction web site for selling fuel oil to ships. To buy fuel and suppliers are made through brokers. Brokers solicit quotes from vendors they like, compare them, go back to a few they would like to get a second quote from and then close the deal with the lowest priced one.

10 Example:2 Solution The features of the site include: Reverse auctions Simultaneous auctions Spot auctions Custom business rules Custom auction screens Fax/Email/Page notifications

11 Example:2 Solution: The features of the site include: Black-listing features Reports Analysis News & other data feeds Customer support Easy Site Administration

12 Example:2 The functional flow of is as : Registered buyers can place inquiries at the web that generates a notification to all or selected participating suppliers The buyer can optionally place inquiries for multiple products as well as accept bids for multiple ports. Auction is scheduled for the next available 15 minute slot or can be re-scheduled to a suitable time as requested by the buyer

13 Example:2 The functional flow of is as : Suppliers receive notifications via email and fax when a new inquiry is placed or when an existing inquiry is modified. Suppliers login to the auction hall to participate in the auction and enter their best bids At the end of the 15 minute auction, the supplier who quoted the best price wins the auction and the winner is notified via email and fax

14 Example:2 Technology: The auction engine is built using Microsoft Technologies, particularly Windows DNA (Distributed Inter-Networking Architecture) under Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition. All business logic for an auction is encapsulated into components under the Component Object Model (COM) which may be hosted on a Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). The Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Enterprise Edition is used as the database server.

15 Example:2 Technology: The auction logic components are used from Active Server Pages – a high performance application server. The security design of the site was reviewed by renowned Internet security experts.

16 Example:3 Business Requirement Six of the leading traders of Far East Open Spec Naphtha in Japan (contributing to 60% of the trades) have joined hands to form a Joint Venture to setup an online exchange for trading.

17 Example:3 Solution Global eBusiness Solutions were the key factors in the decision making process. The site will offer advanced features to manage trader portfolios, real time matching and negotiation. The solution is designed to provide a highly secure environment that can protect the time-sensitive trading data associated with the site

18 Example:3 Technology The solution is designed on Microsoft DNA. Uses tools and technologies like MTS, COM, ASP, VB, MS SQL, MSCS, SSL, Secure ID/Smart Cards, etc. The solution is designed to be hosted in a secure data center as a Web Farm with Load Balancing and Clustering to provide maximum availability and redundancy.


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