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Welcome BIOLOGY 2401 Fundaments of Anatomy and Physiology Spring, 2015 Mrs. Willie Grant, Instructor (210) 486-2370.

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1 Welcome BIOLOGY 2401 Fundaments of Anatomy and Physiology Spring, 2015 Mrs. Willie Grant, Instructor (210) 486-2370

2 Introduction to Biol 2401

3 MASTERING A&P Mastering A&P is Pearson’s online tutorial and homework program that accompanies your textbook. You may register at: The Course ID for this class is: grant51586

4 Learning Outcomes Subject Matter The Learning Outcomes for each chapter are important. Students should review these before and after reading the chapters to evaluate their own understanding. Students should accomplish the Learning Outcomes. Anatomy and Physiology I is designed to instruct students in the study and functions of the human body. Topics to be covered include: Anatomical terms Cell structure and function The different types of tissues The Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous and Endocrine systems

5 Methods of Measurement The mastery of the subject will be measured by the average of Lecture exam:50% Lab exams:25% MasteringA&P Assignments:10% Comprehensive Final Examination:15% Total 100%

6 Tentative Lecture Exam Schedule Exam Material CoveredTentative Exam Date 1Chapters 1 and 2February 14, 2015 2Chapters 3, 4, 5February 28, 2015 3Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9March 7, 2015 4Chapters 10 and 11April 11, 2015 5 Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16May 2, 2015 FINALChapters 1 - 18May 16, 2015 Note: Due to the difficulty in scheduling the exams around the various holidays and lab exams, one and perhaps two of the lecture exams will be Take Home Exams. Keep in mind, however, that nothing is written in stone at this point. There will be NO make-up lecture exams and one Lecture Exam grade will be dropped. FINAL GRADE DETERMINATION 90-100%A 80-89%B 70-79%C 60-69%D Below 60%F

7 Laboratory Exam Schedule EXAMMaterial CoveredExam Date 1 Chapters 1-7 (Lab Notes)February 14, 2015 2 Skeletal SystemMarch 7, 2015 3 Muscular System April 11, 2015 4 Nervous System April 25, 2015 5 Special Senses and Endocrine System May 9, 2015 One Laboratory Exam make-up will be allowed with instructor permission. Complete Make-Up Exam Form with instructor if needed. NO Laboratory Exam scores will be dropped. FINAL GRADE DETERMINATION 90-100%A 80-89%B 70-79%C 60-69%D Below 60%F

8 About the Exams You will be allowed only ONE make-up exam for the laboratory exams. This make-up must be approved by instructor and scheduled to be taken before the next laboratory exam is given. It is up to the student to schedule and take this exam. Failure to make-up the exam will result in a zero being given for that exam.

9 Attendance Attendance is important. You must attend both the lectures and labs. You will be allowed a total of four (4) lecture/lab combination absences during the semester before you are dropped. If you do not attend on the first day of class (this Saturday class), you will be dropped. If you stop attending class, you should contact the instructor and college registrar to officially withdraw from class. Be mindful of the rules covering the number of drops you are allowed. The last day to withdraw this semester is: April 27, 2015.

10 Additional Class Instructions ACCESS TO MASTERING A&P: Register with Mastering A&P the Pearson website for students using the 10 th edition of Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology. Our Course is Biol 2401-068. The access code for this course is grant51586. There is a variety of MasteringA&P assignments designed to help you study effectively. After you register and have access, go through the tutorial, then begin completing the assignments by their due dates for credit toward your final grade. This grade is based on a percentage of completion.


12 Additional Class Instructions Biol 2401 The course can be found online at: All of the assignments and information pertaining to each class as well as all of the work for each class meeting can be found here.

13 Additional Class Instructions DVDs: DVDs for Biol 2401 lab are available to view in the St. Philip’s library and they are available for purchase in the Bursar’s Office at the cost of $15.00 ($25.00 for Biol 2402 also). DVDs may be picked up in the Byrd Sanctuary (tutoring lab). Check for operation hours. LECTURE NOTES and LAB NOTES: Lecture Notes and Lab Notes are available online: ciences_Tutoring_Lab/Files/Biol2401LecNotes.pdf ciences_Tutoring_Lab/Files/2401labnotes.pdf BYRD SANCTUARY (Tutoring Lab): The Byrd Sanctuary is available for additional tutoring and study. You may review the models and get one-on-one instruction. Check for the operation hours.

14 College Policies COLLEGE POLICIES: (added by individual college) A. All of the Alamo Colleges are tobacco free. B. Alamo Colleges DPS Emergency Phone Numbers: Emergency Phone (210) 222-0911 General Phone (210) 485-0099 Weather Phone(210) 485-0189 (For information on college closures)

15 Special Accommodations ADA Statement for Students Requiring SpecialAccommodations In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, it is the responsibility of the student to self-identify with the campus Disability Resource Center. Only those students with appropriate documentation will receive a Letter of Accommodation from the Disability Resource Center office. Instructors are required to follow only those accommodations and/or services outlined in the Letter of Accommodation. For further information, please contact the St. Philip’s College Disability Resource Center at (210) 486-2474 or visit the office located in the Sutton Learning Center, Rm. 103B. If you have specific needs, please discuss them privately with your instructor.

16 Helpful Hints Work to complete all assignments and exams ON TIME. Do not procrastinate Work out a good study schedule for lecture and lab. Do not mismanage your time. Work for a good understanding of the material that is being covered. Do not fail to ask questions or get help. Work to make your completed work as thorough and well done as possible. Do not fail to comply with the rules of good grammar and the requirements set up in the assignments as you complete your assignments.

17 Welcome I am not on campus during the week, but you may contact me by e-mail at: Leave a message for me at: (210) 486-2370 Please let me know as soon as possible when you have any type of problem. If If I do not know the answer, I will try to find someone who does. Have a GREAT semester and learn something about anatomy and physiology as well as about yourself. It will be fun.

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