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A Place of Three Cultures

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1 A Place of Three Cultures
Mexico A Place of Three Cultures



4 What are the three cultures that make up Modern Mexico?
Indian Spanish Modern

5 Indian

6 Indian Aztecs built the most powerful empire in Mexico
In the 1400s they controlled most of south central Mexico Tenochtitlan was their capital Built on an island in a lake. It was were modern day Mexico City is. In 1519 the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and left their empire in ruins

7 Tenochtitlan





12 Spanish

13 Spanish Spanish established four social classes in Mexico
Peninsulares – Those born in Spain. They held high official positions Criollos – People of Spanish ancestry Mestizos – People of mixed ancestry Mixed Spanish and Native American heritage Indians – Native to Mexico They were the lowest level of society Indians worked on haciendas or large Spanish-owned estates Most of the time they didn’t get much money and lived almost a slaves existence

14 Spanish Mexico became independent in 1821
In 1910 the Mexican Revolution occurred They got rid of the dictatorship that was running the country They established a democratic government They tried to establish the thought of “land, bread and justice for all”

15 Mexico Today


17 Mexico Today Large estates were purchased and broken up so more people could work the land They redistributed it to groups that owned the land or Ejidos Most of these people practice subsistence farming The rest are large commercial farms or Latifundios or Haciendas

18 Mexico Today Urban Life Upper class – small group
Well educated Most are descendents of Criollos Middle class – Skilled workers This group is growing Lower class – Very poor This is the largest group

19 Mexico Today Mexico’s economy Three major industries Maquiladoras
Tourism Petroleum Manufacturing Maquiladoras Factories that make products for sale in the U.S. Many of these factories are located near the U.S. Mexican border

20 Mexico Today NAFTA North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
Trade agreement between U.S., Canada Mexico Reduces or takes away tariffs on trade

21 Mexico Today Emigration
Many workers go to the U.S. to work and make money Mexico is quickly urbanizing Mexico City is the largest city in the world Mexico City is also one of the dirtiest cities in the world Mexicans move to the city in search of jobs


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