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Imagine, Explore, Entertain 1© 2006

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2 Imagine, Explore, Entertain 1© 2006

3 You’ll have 45 minutes to show what you can do. So let’s have a look at what we need to remember… You may need to write a story or a description in the SATs exam. You’ll need to use your imagination. 2© 2006

4 Read the instructions The question will tell you exactly what you need to do. You must read it! Describe a walk across a deserted heath in which you meet something or someone… location event what you’re doing 3© 2006

5 Brainstorm your ideas language you could use strong adjectives events that would happen – but keep them simple short descriptive phrases interesting verbs use all the senses sight smell touch taste sound onomatopoeia assonance alliteration imagery personification simile metaphor 4© 2006

6 Go on then… start to brainstorm your ideas! 5© 2006

7 You will also need to think about how you will start and finish. 6© 2006

8 Before you write Have a look back at TiPToP to remember when to start a new paragraph. First or third person?… check the instructions. Choose your tense (probably past) and keep to it. Decide what will happen and in what order. 7© 2006

9 8© 2006 Sentences Remember that short sentences are a good way to create tension. Make sure that you are punctuating your sentences....

10 Make sure you stick to the question. Organise your writing into paragraphs. Try to link your paragraphs so they flow. Make sure you are using full stops and commas. Try to use other punctuation marks. Use words carefully to create atmosphere. 9© 2006 And finally…...

11 OK, that’s enough. I want a walk! 10© 2006

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