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Serving Canadian Business in Canada and Abroad. l A global trade service –part of International Trade Canada –150 offices abroad and 12 regional offices.

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1 Serving Canadian Business in Canada and Abroad

2 l A global trade service –part of International Trade Canada –150 offices abroad and 12 regional offices in Canada –more than 800 Trade Commissioners overseas, 100 across Canada The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service: Who we are

3 Our mandate: To promote Canada’s economic interests in the global marketplace l Technology transfer l Licensing agreements l Joint venture development l Investment in/to Canada l Foreign market access l Trade leads l Exporting l Business contacts l Events Facilitating:

4 Our regional offices across Canada offer: 1. One-On-One Export Help 2. Market and Industry Information 3. Export Financing Advice 4. Trade Fairs, Missions and Events Recommendations

5 All our offices abroad offer: 1.Market Prospect 2.Key Contacts Search 3.Local Company Information 4.Visit Information 5.Face-to-face Briefing 6.Troubleshooting

6 For Canadian Businesses: VTC For Foreign Businesses: DBC

7 Meet your Trade Commissioner Browse the World Business Leads Trade Events Partners Services Sectoral News Country Information Virtual Trade Commissioner

8 VTC - What are the Benefits? l Single-service window to personalized export services. l Free service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. l Access to business leads and daily business news specific to sector and markets of interest. l Secure, direct access to over 900 Trade Commissioners in Canada and abroad, as well as our Partners. l Quality and up-to-date content.

9 Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada's S&T Program Objectives l To foster international research and development (R&D) collaboration and its commercialization; l To identify and incorporate world leading research into the development of innovative processes, goods and services in Canada; l To position Canada as a valued international S&T partner. Expected Outcomes l Access to the world’s best facilities, equipment, talent, knowledge and cost- sharing mechanisms to enhance the quality and speed of Canadian research activities and the potential for timely commercialization; l Acquisition and dissemination of technologies and technological information required to ensure Canada’s competitive standing; l Acquisition of international S&T intelligence to guide government and corporate policy decisions and priority-setting.

10 Canada's International S&T Network There are 6 dedicated S&T Counsellors in key OECD countries in addition to a network of S&T officers. They undertake two key functions: l S&T Policy and Program Monitoring and Reporting –Objective: Contribute to Canada's S&T policy and program formulation by maintaining an up to date intelligence scan of S&T policy issues in the host country l Promotion of S&T collaboration –Objective: Foster S&T partnerships of Canadian governmental institutions, the academic community and the business sector, with their counterparts in the host country

11 The Going Global Science and Technology (S&T) Program Objective l to promote and enhance Canada's international science and technology efforts by supporting Canadian researchers in accessing international R&D collaborative opportunities Approach l To support activities that build on targeted relationships between Canadian researchers and key players in other countries, allowing them to proceed with the formal discussions required to initiate collaboration on future international research and development initiatives. Outcome l To formulate the partnership and conduct detailed planning of their collaborative R&D initiative (i.e. to define objectives, activities, timelines, responsibilities, etc.).

12 International Science and Technology Partnerships Program - ISTPP Objectives l encourage domestic competitiveness through the transfer of technology and knowledge resulting from international science and technology partnerships; l foster international science and technology (S&T) partnerships and collaborative research in all sectors, with an emphasis on industry-industry partnerships and university-industry partnerships; l accelerate the commercialization of research and development (R&D) through international partnerships with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises; l access international technologies for Canadian enterprises; l promote Canadian R&D capacity and Canada as a destination for foreign technology-based investments; l encourage the mobility of researchers and promote Canada as a career destination for foreign researchers and highly qualified personnel; and l strengthen overall bilateral science and technology relations.. Outcome l fostering the global networks critical to improved commercialization; l access to the world's best facilities, equipment, talent and knowledge; and l wealth creation resulting from increased Canadian production of innovative goods and services through international linkages.

13 Technology Partnership Initiative Objective –To accelerate the commercialization of promising new Canadian technologies, products & applications by fostering cross-border partnerships Approach –To organize small groups of Canadian firms and institutions in leading edge "niche" areas for matching with US firms and institutions Outcome –To develop business and scientific relationships leading to: Investment Co-development of technology solutions Licensing agreements Demonstration projects Marketing/distribution alliances Other

14 l Yvonne Gruenthaler Trade Commissioner/Délégué commercial, Science & Tech Ontario Region / Région de l'Ontario Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada / Affaires étrangères et Commerce international Canada 151 Yonge Street, 4th Floor / 151 rue Yonge, 4e étage Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M5C 2W7 tel/ tél: (416) 973-5190; e.mail/ courriel:

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