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Business Communication Report Writing

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1 Business Communication Report Writing

2 Agenda What is Communication? Defining Technical Writing
Types of Reports How to Write Reports Computer Reports Anatomy of a Report Sales Proposals Future of Reports

3 What is communication? In simple words we can say that ““just to convey the message” If we go in more detail we can say that “ communication is the process of transmitting & Receiving Messages.

4 Components of Communication
Context Internal Means External Means Sender (Encoder) Message Medium Receiver (Decoder) Feed Back

5 Communication Process

6 How We Communicate CVs, Resumes Email, Web site, FAQs
Letters, Newsletters, Brochures, Articles, Catalogs Advertisements, Notice Board, Pamphlets, Signs, Press Release Presentations, multimedia, talks Reports, Manuals, Proposals, Books

7 Defining Technical Writing
Technical writing is communication written for and about the business and industry. Technical writing focuses on products and services and how to manufacture them, market them, manage them, deliver them and use them.

8 Types of Correspondence
Memos and electronic mails Letters Reports Proposals Brochures Newsletters Websites Online help

9 Technical Writing Reports
Proposals User Manuals Technical Manuals White Papers

10 Classification of Reports
Formal Reports and Informal Reports Information Reports Analytical Reports Recommendation Reports

11 5 Steps to Report Writing1
Define the problem Gather the necessary information Analyze the information Organize the information Write the report

12 Organizing Reports Comparison/contrast Problem-solution
Elimination of alternatives General to particular Geographic or spatial Functional Chronological


14 Characteristics Of Technical Writing
Specific audience Objective and plain language Clear organization Brief writing style Visual aids

15 Most research reports include the following elements:
I. Title page II. Letter of transmittal III. Table of contents IV. List of tables V. List of graphs VI. List of appendices VII. List of exhibits VIII. Executive summary a. Major findings b. Conclusions c. Recommendations IX. Introduction a. Background to the problem b. Statement of the problem X. Approach to the problem XI. Research design a. Type of research design b. Information needs c. Data collection from secondary sources d. Data collection from primary sources e. Scaling techniques f. Questionnaire development and pretesting g. Sampling techniques h. Field work XII. Data analysis a. Methodology b. Plan of data analysis XIII. Results XIV. Limitations and caveats XV. Conclusions and recommendations XVI. Appendix a. Questionnaires and forms b. Statistical output c. Lists

16 Report Body Introduction Background/History of the Problem Body
Purpose and Scope;Limitations, Assumptions, and Methods Background/History of the Problem Body Presents and interprets data Conclusions and Recommendations References or Works Cited Appendixes Interview transcripts, questionnaires, question tallies, printouts, and previous reports

17 Letter of Transmittal Background
Summarize conclusions and recommendations Minor problems. Thank those who helped. Additional research necessary Thank the reader. Offer to answer questions.

18 Sales Proposal Budget Objectives Strategy and Tactics Schedule Results

19 Document Design Use no more than 5 fonts. Use no more than 5 colors.
Use glossy paper. Use white space. Use templates. Use parallelism. Avoid double emphasis.

20 Future Reports Proposals 50-page reports 25-minute oral presentation
1-page summary Reports Multi-media Web

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