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Virtua Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Rob Roth Rob Wroblewski Cara Kaplan Bill Goodwin.

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1 Virtua Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Rob Roth Rob Wroblewski Cara Kaplan Bill Goodwin

2 TRUE OR FALSE? Your insurance covers your sessions at the cardiac rehab. TRUE

3 You have to go to medical school in order to work in cardiac rehab. FALSE

4 You always get health benefits for working for a cardiac rehab. FALSE

5 The average age of patients in cardiac rehab is: A) 28-30B) 40-42 C) 60-62D) 74-76 Correct answer: C

6 The cardiac rehab at Virtua has a support group. TRUE

7 Anyone is eligible to participate in the cardiac rehab program. FALSE

8 Patients in the cardiac rehab center are taught to be more independent. TRUE

9 To work at a cardiac rehab center, you must be single-minded in order to solve problems. False

10 What Is Cardiac Rehab?

11 Cardiac Rehab supports patients with varying stages of heart disease, promotes heart health through supervised exercise and education.

12 What is Included Utilizes different equipment – Treadmills – Strength Building Machines Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Risk Reduction – Nutrition Counseling – Stress Management

13 Faculty Exercise specialists - works on a one-on-one basis with clients, assessing physical fitness level (essentially a personal trainer). Dieticians - assess patient’s nutritional need, help plan meals outside of facility. Support Groups - provide each other emotional and psychological support. On-site cardiologist - performs a variety of tests and procedures to assist and diagnose treatment of cardiac disease.

14 Nurse educators - Acts as a coach and role model to help the patient on what to do and what not to do. Diabetic Educator - Helps evaluate individual needs of a patient based on different evaluations and programs. Exercise physiologist - Helps improve and maintain for long term purposes the overall help and wellness of patients.

15 Featured Services Customized exercise programs supervised by exercise specialists Customized nutritional programs created and supervised by dietitians Support groups for sharing emotional burden Preventative strategies Smoking cessation support

16 Benefits of Cardiac Program Improved muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility Lower blood pressure and heart rate Possible reduction in total cholesterol Increase in HDL “good” cholesterol Possible reduction in weight and body fat Independence and confidence through education and self-direction

17 Patient Eligibility Heart attack (myocardial infraction) Coronary bypass surgery Angioplasty (balloon procedure) Stent implantation Stable angina Cardiac transplantation Valvular surgery *a doctor’s prescription is required for treatment

18 Age of Participants Range from 19-94; extremely broad range of clients. Median age—60-62 years of age. Generally more elderly patients than younger patients. Younger patients participate due to genetic disposition, recovery from transplant, or complications with obesity.

19 Duration of Program Standard duration – up to 3 months, about 3 visits per week. Total of 36 visits. Three different groups of patients with different durations: – Low risk (6-18 visits) – Medium risk (24 visits) – High Risk (36 visits)

20 Rehab Session Details Each class usually lasts 4 hours. Holds up to 8 people per session. Utilizes music and fun activities to create a stress-free environment. All diabetic patients need blood sugar tests before and after the session.

21 Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale RPE Scale measures the intensity of each exercise. – Runs from 0 – 10 (0 being no difficulty, and 10 being most difficult).

22 Post-Program Progress Patients usually create their own support group amongst other members of the program. People still come to the facility after they are done, utilizing the nearby fitness facility.

23 Promotion of Independence Educate clients on changing unhealthy behaviors. Teach them how to eat healthier and exercise more effectively. Classes teach about exercise concepts, educates on heart disease, et cetera.

24 Insurance Coverage A doctor’s prescription is required in advance in order to participate in the program. Covers the rehab Co-pay is as high as $50; normal co-pay is $20 Medicare patients pay $13 for co-pay.

25 Dr. Diane Frederickson Program director and Nurse Manager at the Voorhees Cardiac Performance Center. She attended the University of Wisconsin. B.S.N from Temple University. ACLS Certified Worked as a nurse for 40 years in open-heart units and critical care.

26 Benefits of Job Starting Salary: $40,000 * Depends on level of education. Tuition Reimbursement (must work at the facility for a year prior, with good standing). 401K Pension Plans available.

27 Qualifications for Job Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing – Need to be familiar with equipment associated with cardiac rehabilitation. ACLS Certification

28 Qualifications Cont’d… Must be personable, be able to laugh at self Be creative, have an open approach to solving problems. Be adaptable Patience Empathy

29 Three Potential Master’s Degrees…

30 M.S. in Community Counseling -Train to become counselors for small groups. -Focuses include personality theories, mental health counseling, and group counseling. -Assess clients and offer solutions that lead to making sounds choices. © 2011

31 Master of Geriatric Health Number of people about age 65 is expected to increase to 73% over the next two decades. Teaches you to handle special needs of the elderly. Need for geriatric care will be high because of the increasing life expectancy of older individuals; a variety of different job prospects will be available.

32 Master’s Degree in Cardiac Sonography Master’s degrees in sonography are rare, but can be found in concentrations like vascular sonography. Uses ultrasound to diagnose heart disease. With Vascular Techonology, one can detect and assess vascular conditions in arteries and veins.

33 American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research AACVPR – Founded in 1985 – Mission: reducing morbidity, mortality and disability from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease; improving in quality of life for patients and their families.

34 American College of Sports Medicine ACSM – ACSM promotes and integrates scientific research, education and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health and quality of life

35 American Heart Association AHA – Mission: To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke

36 Impressions…

37 Organizations Master’s degree (aha)

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