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Elements: Compounds & Mixtures

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1 Elements: Compounds & Mixtures

2 Elements An element is a pure substance (only 1 type of particle) that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means.

3 Element

4 Compounds A compound is a pure substance composed of 2 or more elements that are chemically combined.

5 Hydrogen (H) + Oxygen (O)
Examples of Compounds Compounds contain elements The elements combine + lose their original properties Compounds CAN be separated by chemical means The elements combine in specific ratios Sodium (Na) + Chlorine (Cl) NaCl Hydrogen (H) + Oxygen (O) H2O Carbon (C) + Oxygen (O) CO2

6 Mixtures A mixture is a combination of 2 or more substances that are not chemically combined.

7 Examples of Mixtures Properties of Mixtures:
chicken noodle soup salad pizza – yes, that would be Yoda… Properties of Mixtures: Each substance in a mixture keeps its identity You can physically separate them They also contain elements, compounds, or both And they can be formed using any ratio of components

8 Mixtures may be homogeneous or heterogeneous
The prefix “homo” indicates the same Homogeneous mixtures have the same appearance and properties throughout the mixture The prefix “hetero” indicates difference Heterogeneous mixtures consist of visibly different substances

9 Mixtures and Compounds Game
Research one mixture and one compound different from others that we have discussed. For Compounds: Google search “everyday chemical compounds” For Mixtures: Google search images for “mixtures” Draw a picture on the front of your paper, and the word mixture or compound on the back.

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